Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fall, Feet, and Funny Girl

Today we made these fun fall leaves:) My super creative friend Candi gave me the idea and Aislynn had SO much fun doing these because this was something she could do almost by herself:) Thanks Candi!! Kieran started rolling over this week!!! I missed it the first time, but he has been doing it a lot now! I have yet to catch it on camera though. He also likes grabbing his little feet a lot as you can see below:
Gotta love those big blue eyes:)He LOVES LOVES LOVES his sister:) Sometimes she is driving me crazy the way she gets in his face and makes annoying noises and I look and Kieran is cracking up!
Pretty girl...when she wears green, her eyes look more green. I have a zillion pictures like the one below...she was in such a silly mood, just laughing away:) Here are 2 layouts I have managed to get done this week:
The Epcot one I lifted from a page by Mou Saha in the October issue of CK. As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to do some Disney pics-yay for finally getting to scrapping some of them!!
Our neighbors had a baby boy a week ago and we saw him today! He is soooooo tiny! He was pretty much the same size Kieran was and Kieran looked gigantic next to him, lol! I can't believe 4 months ago he was so teeny tiny and fresh and new!


Rileysmom said...

How'd you make those leaves??? Super Cute!

Douglas A. Perry, Sr. said...

Great pictures of Kieran and Aislynn. Glad your able to do some scrapping, looks really cool.

Love you...Dad

Brynne said...

I love the leaves! Little man looks super cute grabbing his little feet. Great pics of the kiddos. Hope to see yall soon.

Scrap Candy said...

I am so glad they turned out for you...good following directions! And you didn't even see what they looked like ahead of time!! They are beautiful - love the leaf shape you chose too!

I love that personality that just pours out of your kiddos eyes! Such brilliant little smiles and faces!

Love that you are scrapping - so wish I could get it going here. There's a three day weekend coming up - cross your fingers for me!!

Shelstan said...

Great new pages, Pam and love the new pics!