Thursday, July 29, 2010


Kieran is pretty much officially walking now. All morning, he was walking across the living room, then turning and going back across. Funny how one day they just get it:) Here is a picture...totally loving the arms and proud sissy in the background:)I got a video (again, sorry for the shaky cam!) of him walking HERE. I love the proud look on his face! I have been wanting to snap a picture of K in his float for awhile now...there is a canopy that snaps on for sunny days, but this was after dinner (which after dinner swims totally count as baths, right?!).
And I finally got his silly face on camera! He not only makes this face, but he breathes heavily in and out his nose while he does it, big goof! It is really really funny to see:)
Well, gotta go get packing for the big easy! Have a great weekend!!


Rileysmom said...

He's is sooo cute. I love the video with A saying "go Kieran" super cute. Have a great weekend!

Scrap Candy said...

WOOOO!!HOOOO! YAY, Baby! (errr...I should say BIG BOY!!!) He got it! I love the video! I think he is so cute all concentrating and when he topples he shoot out of the gate!! Watch out Momma...He's unstoppable NOW!!

Jakki said...

you got a picture with K walking to you. i get the camera out and all i can manage is a picture of L walking away from me ... jelous? very cute and i love K's goofy face too

Shel said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! After dinner swims count as baths! LOL

Yay! K has joined the club of the toddling terrible almost two-year olds! LOL Lock up the house! K is on the loose!

Douglas A. Perry, Sr. said...

Wow! Great video of Kieran walking. He looks so happy and PROUD at his acomplishment.

I also saw your YouTube video of your scrapbook area. I didn't know you were on YouTube. I subscribed to your videos. Keep em' coming.


Brynne said...

I love the video, gosh he is growing up way tooooooooooo fast. I hope yall had a great time in New Orleans