Thursday, July 8, 2010

house tour #1: Kieran's room

I promised I would show some house pictures, so here we go...the first batch. Kieran's room is up first. Still need to get some things to hang on the walls, but here goes...This is view from looking into his doorway. I love the floors in this house and the medallions above the ceiling fans:) The door with the green curtain opens onto the screened in back porch. This is taken from standing between the porch door and his crib. Gotta find some cool things to put on those shelves. Any ideas of things I could make?
This is standing in the corner by the window. More shelves to decorate...
He likes looking out the porch door:)
Sweet boy loves his room:)
Last night we went to a popsicle place for dessert. I love this place, they have really unusual popsicle flavors. Aislynn tried hot chocolate, I got orange cream, and Shaun got coconut cream. Kieran liked them too:)
After we ate them, we were talking about the other flavors we wanted to try, so we went back and got more to bring home with us, lol. These are what we brought home to try (not all in one day, ha ha): avocado, watermelon, peach mango, tropicolada, pina colada, strawberries and cream, pralines and cream, and tangerine.
YUUUUM, the perfect summer goody:)


Shel said...

Oh em gee...I want a popsicle place by my house. Do you think they'd make it through the flight if you mailed some to me? LOL

I love your hardwood floors too! We have hardwood right now in the foyer, kitchen, powder room, hallway and sunroom, but by the end of this year, we plan to rip up all of the carpeting that exists in the house and replace them with hardwood!!!

As for the shelves, you need to spell out his name in decorated chipboard and make a few canvases with his photos on them!!! :) Get scrappin'!

Jakki said...

those popsicles sound like the mexican ones you can get here. they have all these wierd flavors and yet they are soo yummy! we get them at costco and have them at home, its cool all the talk on the packaging is in spanish.

Scrap Candy said...

Those bright lime green curtains are my favorite!! What a gorgeous room and so full of light for K!

I'd definetly say that those sheves need some (various sized) letter blocks. They can be decorative, painted, but practical! K could actually use them for letter identification later!!!

Your popcicles sound like our scoops of ice cream in Mexico! And jakki is right...those are the "paletas" that are sold around here too...but I've never heard of hot chocolate flavor and NOW my mouth is watering!!!

Brynne said...

K looks so grown up in that little outfit. Yum, next time I come it is mandatory that we go to the popsicle place!