Wednesday, July 28, 2010

crafty post

I promised a crafty post, so here we go:) Here are my latest layouts: For this one, I used a free template from SB Etc. The rest kinda just fell together.
I used a SB Etc. sketch for this one.
Another SB Etc. sketch here and Jakki-this was totally inspired by your hopscotch page!
Yup, another SB Etc. sketch here. This one might be my fave of the group.
And ANOTHER SB Etc. sketch:)
And now for my challenge:) I did another page based on this ad:
This is the page: And now I just want you to try! I finally got my box from Scrapbook Trends that had my layouts that were in their March issue. They sent me some product and some of the stuff I already have, so I want to send one of my scrappy friends this: I'll give you a week and randomly pick someone next Thursday to send this to;)
And now my scrap space tour: here. I decided to do a video so I could explain things, but it is kinda boring and I really do not like the way my voice sounds. The camera is kinda shaky too, but I am too lazy to take pics now, so this will have to do:)

Also in crafty news, I am taking a sewing class that starts in August and I am SO super excited about it! Lots of projects and each one will teach a new technique/skill. I figure maybe I should learn to sew on something besides paper;)


Scrap Candy said...

Oooooh oh oh...I can't wait til you post these in the gallery so I can comment on them all and tell you everything I love about EACH AND EVERY ONE of them!!

You have such a gift for gathering colors...I SO wanna be YOU when I grow UP!

I'm in on the challenge! I will put it first on my scrap lift list during my scrap HOUR tonight (when the kids go to swimming lessons!) I CAN'T wait - I already have an IDEEEEEEAAAAAA!

Rileysmom said...

I love your scrap area, it's so organized. Mine is all packed up, house goes on the market next month.
Love your new LOs...they are awesome!

Make a video on the rest of the house!

Rileysmom said...

Oh and that sewing class looks amazing...tempted!

Went and saw your mom's house this week, hadn't been there since they had their garage sale many moons ago. It looks AWESOME!

Jakki said...

im totally in on the challenge too! love your accent, it sounds so southern :) now i will totally do this with my scrap space too ... it looks a little like yours, its in a closet.

now to figure out the pictures that i want to use hmmmm. can't wait for nap time :)

Shel said...

Love your video. You have an adorable voice, but I know what you mean...I don't like my voice on tape either.

Your new layouts are simply breathtaking. I am so inspired. It's cool how you, Candi, me and the rest of "our" girls all have such unique scrap styles and they are all so different, but each is so beautiful in its own way!

I'll give the challenge a shot, but I may one of the latecomers.