Friday, July 9, 2010

a clean beach

Walked down to the beach after dinner last night, and like last week, the sand was free of tar. And a pleasant surprise to us...the water was mostly (there was one teeny tiny patch pretty far from where we were at) clear. Sooooo happy about that. We had been hearing rumors that the current and the storms we had last week had been pushing the oil away from the shore and that seemed to be true-the beach was gorgeous! The yucky June seaweed was gone too:)
We brought a soccer ball down,but mostly Kieran wanted to play with it. When he saw Aislynn and Shaun kicking it around, he kept pointing to it saying "ba" "ba" "ba" and was getting all excited:)
Once she figured we were going to let her in the water, she pretty much lost all interest in the ball.
Eventually he started to head for the water too.
Came home, jumped in the pool, then tried some more popsicles:) This was early yesterday morning at the pool, before my camera battery died...was planning to take some pictures of Miss Swimmy, but will do that soon:)


Brynne said...

Love the pic of little man in the blue hat! Woo hoo clean beaches!

Scrap Candy said...

Yay. Clear waters sound perfect to me! I am glad that it is looking good enough for swimming, too! Love those chompers that K is showing off in that last pic!