Friday, September 23, 2011

photo friday

It has been awhile since I posted any photos, so here are some of my faves from the last 3 weeks or so:)
I made a carrot cake for my Dad's birthday and these kids had to lick the spoons from the frosting. K has learned the sound the mixer makes, so anytime he hears it, he comes running saying "want taste!"
reading stories:)
My Dad and K...poor Grandpa had to read the same books over and over again;)
He also had to be a bridge/tunnel for trains:)
Some pictures from one of our beach adventures...Shaun caught this guy, who fearless Mr. K really wanted to play with;)
The moon was out:)
The night before my Dad left to go home, we went to Olive Garden for dinner, and then tried to get some pictures...which all turned out like this one;)
Love that at this time of day you can capture the reflection:)
opening the goods at her party...
Shaun Someone convinced her to have a different cake than the ice cream cake, so I made coconut cream cake per her request.
Hard to believe 6 candles went on her cake this year. I wonder what she wished for? She wouldn't tell me...because it wouldn't come true;)
Move over trains and cars (well, not really) puzzles are a new favorite thing to play with right now. 
James (my step-dad) got this backpack for Kieran, which was SO perfect, since every morning when we take Aislynn to school, Kieran always says "Hey! Where my backpack?" So he adores this wants to sleep with it in his crib:)
We took a few photos on A's birthday before we went to dinner at her restaurant of choice (Lin's Asian Cuisine). 
Grandma and James and the crazies;)
what 6 looks like:) has been awhile since he has painted and I was pleasantly surprised at how little of a mess he made:) He was so cute when he made those little dashes he would say Thomas if it was blue, Percy if it was green, James if it was red...I liked that he was actually trying to paint something this time...last time he just tried to paint his body;)
She was painting Tulips in the Moonlight, and was inspired by this Van Gogh:
She has learned about some artists and one day she asked me if Jackson Pollack was dead. I told her that he was, then she asked me if Edgar Degas was dead, I told her he was. Then she said "who is the other one? He painted Tulips and Starry Night?" I told her Vincent Van Gogh and she asked me if he was dead. When I told her he was, she said "Ugh, all the good painters in this world are dead."
That girl makes me smile:)

and a few more beach pictures:
 A and Shaun came in the kayak, so when they arrived, these 2 ran up to each other like it had been ages since they last saw each other;)
Hope everyone has a happy weekend!


Sarah Webb said...

Some gorgeous beach shots! I need to live closer to such lovely white beaches.

em said...

Great photos! I love the crab one!! And it looks like a great birthday! :)

Carol said...

i'm always amazed at the beautiful colors in your beach photos! mine are always gray and dreary.....but they are always in California, so maybe that's the diff...
looks like lots of fun family time for you all ;)

Candace Prado said...

love all those glorious end of summer colors and reflections!!

Glad you guys had a great visit with your DAD!!

I CANNOT wait to see how you scrap A's Van Gogh replica!! YAY!!!

Sherri said...

So many wonderful photos Pam. I love the one of A and K reading, so sweet. And the one of the beach with the moon, and the one of the reflection of A on the beach. A photo like that would never, EVER occur on our beaches. The water is literally brown - ick.

Brynne said...

That pic of A facing away from you on the beach is sooooooo awesome, you should frame it! I love the little painters!