Tuesday, January 3, 2012

ten on tuesday

1. I meant to do a blog post about Project Life before the year started, but never got around to it. Are you doing it? I am and I am really excited about it! I am going pretty low key with it. I didn't order a kit, just pulling from my stash. I am planning on using a 12x12 American Crafts Album and all Design A page protectors (they will be back in stock sometime this month!), adding inserts in some weeks if I have overflow. I have some printable journaling cards from Ormolu, and there are tons of other cute ones out there...like these, these, and these:) I am going to be fumbling through the whole process to get into a groove and will hopefully be able to share week one next week:) I want to dedicate Wednesdays to Project Life posts.
2. We are moving, yes...again. This was a temporary place to call home and we are moving about 10 miles away. We have to be out of here by the 10th, so I am feeling not too stressed...yet. This really should be an easy move and I am so very thankful to my in-laws for letting us rent their beach home. I think Kieran expects that they will be there too, hee hee! And Aislynn says it will make her think of Mimi and Papa all the time;)
3. I am getting my haircut later this afternoon. I want to do something drastic. I think it has something to do with the big 3-0 birthday coming up in less than 2 weeks.
4. We have some fun challenges going on at the Nook starting this Saturday. There will be prizes, of course! HERE is where you can find more information!
5. The Nook is having a special right now, where if you sign up for a subscription, they will throw in a free December kit with your first month (January).  Sounds pretty good, right? Yes. Yes, it does. Go HERE to sign up!
6. I am planning to go mostly vegetarian. I say mostly, because I know every once in awhile I will want a burger;) So far, it hasn't been too much of a change, it just takes more planning. I made this soup and loved it.
7. In an effort to get Kieran to eat more vegetables, I made kale chips. The 2 biggest skeptics (A+S) even liked them:) And K loooooved them. I am beginning to think he will only eat his veggies in snack form;)
8. In an effort to become more organized and better at planning meals, I discovered this site and I love it. You can create shopping lists, import recipes from blogs/websites, add nutrition information, etc. I like it:)
9. In the spirit of organizing, I saw this on pinterest (which I guess I didn't pin, because I can't find it anywhere?), but how cool would it be for scrapbook storage? And for only $20?
10. A goes back to school tomorrow. She is excited, she told me she misses her friends;) Honestly, I am not ready, lol! I like being lazy in the mornings and having her around! But I am also ready to get back into a routine, which I am sure will probably not happen until we are settled in after our move.

Hope your 2012 is getting off to a great start!


Candace Prado said...

I am not quite sure what 2012 holds for us, but as much as I would love to commit to project life I know I cannot. I have decided to do something a friend of mine is doing, though. It is similar to a DD or 365, but with instagram. One pic everyday and see where that gets me.

With school, work, and more work...I worry that time will get away from me. I love the new sites you have found. I really want to hear more about the food planning site! Please tell me if you sign up after the trial is over and how it works for you!

I saw that tray too! That would be a great addition (and movable) for your scrappy area in the new place!!

I.m off to rush through a science project with four ten year olds so I can find some scrappy time later!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Great post! I'm excited to see your Project Life - I know it'll be amazing!

Good luck with the move!

Let's see your new 'do!