Tuesday, February 28, 2012

ten on tuesday

1. For the record, I won again in the oscar contest between Shaun and I;) I got 15 picks right and he got 9 right. I totally get lucky on the sound mixing type categories every year;)

2. One of our favorite restaurants has amaaaazing grits. I always thought I hated grits until I had these...the key is the smoked gouda cheese;) I was searching for a recipe I thought would be similar and found the exact recipe by the chef of the restaurant:) We made it and it tastes exactly the same. If they weren't so bad for you, I would probably be making them a lot...perfect comfort food.

3. For dinner last night, I made these. They were so yummy. Even Miss Picky Aislynn liked them. Kieran ate the filling, but when it came to the pepper, I had to pretend like I was one of the Thomas trains telling him to eat his food. So silly, that boy;) I made them with quinoa instead of millet.

4. While we are talking about food, here is a new pancake recipe I have been making that is pretty darn yummy.

5. The Nook is sweetening the deal for new subs. All new subs will receive a Valentine's kit (filled with Crate Paper Paper Heart) as well as a grab bag! Yay!!

6. My sister and I are doing another community yard sale/craft show this weekend. I am bringing my cards, but I am actually hoping to sell some of the kiddos' spring/summer clothes. Both of them went through major growth spurts since then! waaah, stop growing kids!! Especially A...is it just me, or do the clothes after 6x not look so little girlish anymore? I don't want to dress her like she is a teenager!!

7. I have decided to not do Project Life the traditional way. Which I am sure you are not surprised...I never really started;) When we were in Savannah, we wandered into an art supply store and I found these really cool page protectors. They are similar to baseball card protectors but there are 20 square pockets. I am going to do monthly focus pages, rather than a whole week. we'll see about moving to weekly if I can get this done for a year;) As soon as I get January's finished and might as well do February, I will share them with you:) I think I bought to many protectors too...so maybe a little giveaway is in order;)

8. I saw this on the Eighteen25 blog and thought I would share. I love this company and their products...trying to narrow down what I will use my credit on:)

9. You still have a couple days to participate in my (easy and really fun!) challenge at the Ormolu blog:)

10. We have decided that we are going to do a little container garden this year. We know nothing about gardening. So please...help me. Give me your best tips. I want to do it organically, so please share what you know!!!


Jakki said...

wow, A is only just out of 6 ... K is pushing size 10 (slim of course) she's so tall. children's place is my favorite for non-teenish clothes. totally know what you mean though :)

gardening in containers :) yeah! i love doing that. I'm going to tell you compost, compost, compost ... don't mess with potting soil .. it's a rip off (and i don't think you guys have to worry much about moisture, other wise mix one back potting soil to two compost)... it has more nutrients in the plants ... little sticks and such are a good thing. also to go organic, i think you have to start with seeds ... and tomatoes (heirlooms are the best, and organic :) plant next to basil to keep the bugs away ... also thyme is another herb to plant to keep the buggies away .. squash is easy peasy to grow and you can plant stuff closer together if your good at feeding it fertilizer and stuff talk to the people at a plant nursery (don't big box store it, although soil i mean compost might be cheaper there) and they can help you get a good organic kid and pet friendly kind and usually have loads of information as well .... i used to work at one after college ... feel in love with gardening then

Elizabeth said...

Will you share your grits recipe? We love grits a lot in our household! :) Pretty please? Thank you!

Sherri said...

I so love getting to know you and your sweet little family through these posts!!!