Thursday, November 29, 2012


Goo morning! Long time, no post! I hope all my friends who celebrate Thanksgiving had a wonderful holiday. We had good one, even if it was a little different. This was the first year that it was just the four of us. We stayed home and cooked, but it was still fun, even if we did miss everyone so much!

Aislynn brought this home from school on Monday...and I love what she wrote;)

I snapped a few photos this year...
our turkey...he was yummy (yes a he, because according to Aislynn, all turkeys are boys, lol).

our feast;) 

Some family shots:

A silly silly boy...who loved his Thanksgiving food:)

We made some place cards while the turkey was cooking:

and one shot of all of us:

We spent the rest of the day stuffed and the rest of the weekend hanging out with friends, a little shopping, the kids driving each other and as a result, Shaun and I...craaaaazy. We were all a little ready for Monday to come;) We also saw Wreck-It Ralph, which was actually pretty darn cute and funny!

We are now ready for December to arrive and all the fun that comes with that! I will be back tomorrow to share a little about my December Daily album this year:)