Thursday, March 26, 2009

29 weeks:)

Here is my 29 week belly picture:) We had a doctor's appointment Monday, which went well. The heartbeat was nice and strong, and A thinks hearing is just the coolest thing, but she keeps asking when we can see the baby on the screen (ultrasound), but I don't think we will have anymore. This is kinda funny...I have to leave a urine sample every time I go and last time Aislynn said, "When I'm a grown up, can I pee in a little cup?" Ha ha, she is so silly:) Aislynn moved her head in this picture, but I still thought it was pretty cute:) We rented Aristocats, which Aislynn loves! It is pretty cute:) Before that, she was in a total Little Mermaid phase...calling herself Ariel, me Ursula, and Shaun King Triton:) So even though she is not watching the movie all the time now, she has been playing this little game:

Those are all of Ariel's collections:) And she sings the song Ariel sings about her collections to her reflection in the mirror. Goofy girl:)


Scrap Candy said...

You look so comfy and relaxed - the way it should be - waiting for this new one!

I love A's ariel story! That is so cute. Find a way to record her little voice singing that song! You'll never regret having it later!

Phillip Perry said...

I would love to hear her sing it too. But don't let Pam fool you - she used to sing Ariel songs with our sister all the time growing up too. Like mother, like daughter.