Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Friday!!!!

My doctor's appointment yesterday was good, everything sounds and looks good!!!! I have all of my doctor's appointments scheduled for the rest of my pregnancy. I will go every 2 weeks the next 4 times, and then every week the last 4 times. Going by fast....
I have SOOOOO been slacking on all my New Year's Resolutions:) Not been eating as healthy as I wanted (totally using being pregnant as an excuse!) and I have really fallen off the wagon on picture-taking. So, I was going through some old pictures and thought I would share these since the ole blog wasn't around then:)
This was Aislynn at 16 months...kinda looks like she was trying to write Aislynn:)This was her at 18 months, so sweet:) I love her short hair:)
This was when we were in San Diego in May of 2007, on the hotel balcony. This was when Aislynn was 20 months. Love this picture, I haven't scrapped it yet. But it is a sweet picture:)

Hope everyone has a good weekend!!!


Douglas A. Perry, Sr. said...

Glad all is going well. What a beutiful child. Hugs and Kisses to both of you (and a hand-shake to Shaun) :)

Douglas A. Perry, Sr. said...

Darn, no word speller on blog.


Phillip Perry said...

Aww, she was as cute then as she is cute now. Yay, I'm all caught up on your blog! I'm glad your appointments went well and that you, Shaun and Aislynn are good. Can't wait to meet "pork chop" when I get back home this summer! :)

Brynne said...

What a cute sweet pea!