Sunday, March 29, 2009

Yay for no more rain!!!

It finally was nice outside today, but will be short lived since just 3 out of the next 10 days are supposed to be sunny/partly cloudy. Looks like we will be splashing in puddles a lot coming up!
Shaun took these pictures today...I hate how fat my arms look:) And my pants look a little frumpy, oh well. I guess I am not a super model;)

I have been going through my old scrapbook magazines and I saw a page with a similar picture to the one below and I wanted to make a similar one, so here we go. Jakki-I might be sending this your way to do the warming action to it:) Then she wanted her picture taken:) After dinner, we were driving and the sun was setting perfectly over one of the unique coastal lakes here, and we finally had the camera with us, so we stopped. For those of you who know 30-A, this is Big Red Fish Lake (I think?) in between Watercolor and Grayton Beach. Shaun took these:

Love it here:) Especially when it isn't pouring down rain:)
Aislynn starts swimming classes tomorrow. We go everyday this week and then once a week for the next 8 weeks. Curious to see how they will go, but she is super excited:)


Scrap Candy said...

looks lovely...and serene.

You have a simple peace about you- enjoy this time!

Phillip Perry said...

Pretty pictures. I'm glad we were able to finally catch up last night. Can't wait to hear how the swimming lessons go...

rcprncss said...

Pam! I love the photos of you and your belly. Beautiful pictures of the lake. I can't wait to hear how A's swimming lesson went.

Jakki said...


that's all i did when when I saw my name on your blog here with the note of me warming them up with that chocolate action. LOL sure send them my way .... timing just depends on my little monster girlie

nice shots... i really should start getting some more of them, hmmm really don't like my belly

Brynne said...

Nice pics, tell Shaun I love the one of the sunset with the dark tree on the left side!