Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekend Recap:)

We went to Bainbridge, GA this weekend and stayed with Shaun's parents. Friday night I went to scrapbook with my friend, Becky, and I only made 1 page:) I will try to post it later...seems like I never get that much accomplished when I am around other scrapbookers:)
Saturday we went to Riley's (Becky's daughter) birthday party. Aislynn was a little nervous to go on the jumping things at first, especially after she collided with a kid and they bumped their heads. Here is one of the few decent shots I got...not the best lighting, and all the sliding down shots were blurry.Happy Birthday Miss Riley!!!! Saturday afternoon Aislynn and Mimi (Shaun's step-mom) made a cake...I should've taken pictures b/c it was so cute:) Aislynn cracked the eggs by herself for the first time! Aislynn had so much fun playing with Mimi...and apparently Mimi's baths are much more fun than Mommy's;)
We left this morning and when we got back, the weather was so nice we decided to head to a park and play outside since we had been sitting in the car. Here are Aislynn and Coach Dad playing soccer: Aislynn loved playing soccer:)
Here is her victory dance for when she made a goal:) But then they had to hug like they do in the soccer games Shaun watches:) We had a nice weekend, hope everyone else did too!! I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, so will give a baby update soon!


Scrap Candy said...

looks like a beautiful trip and lots of fun times! Nothing beats the sunshiney moments in the day!

Douglas A. Perry, Sr. said...

Nice action shots

Brynne said...

Cool Dude, sounds like fun! I like the soccer shots.

Phillip Perry said...

She's gonna be a great soccer player when she grows up. Albania played Hungary in Tirana last night for a World Cup Qualifying match, but they lost 1-0. I was gonna to go to the game, but I just walked around before it started. Sort of felt like a football game day in Tallahassee or Gainesville, just less tailgating.