Sunday, October 25, 2009

Warning-Picture Heavy:)

Lots of things going on , so sorry for not posting for awhile:) The laptop is getting fixed right now and the desktop started acting up this week, so Shaun got a new one because we HAVE to have a computer! So let's see if I can fill you in... At Kieran's last doctor's appointment, the doctor asked if he was sleeping through the night, which he isn't, and she suggested starting him on cereal. These were taken this past Monday, the first day we gave it to him.
Smiling at Dad...he is to the easily distracted phase:)
Funny faces:)
The first 2 days he wasn't into it, I think because he was learning the ropes of eating:) but now he loves it. He leans forward after each bite looking for more. He isn't eating much, but it is helping him sleep. I was thinking of giving up after the first couple days, because it wasn't helping him sleep, but now that he isn't just spitting it out and is actually ingesting it, it seems to be helping. Plus, he is a small little guy, in the 10th percentile for weight, so I figured a little more food couldn't hurt him. He still gets up twice (once around 2-3 and then at 6) though, so I think it is mainly that he doesn't know how to put himself back to sleep.
Aislynn playing in the empty lots across the street. She picked a flower for each of us:) I tried to get some posed pictures of her, but this is the best I got.
Thursday, Aunt Brynne came over and helped Aislynn make a Haunted House.
Aislynn mostly wanted to eat the candy.
I think finally getting to eat a little piece was Aislynn's favorite part. It tasted gross to me, Brynne and I decided we are going to do something different for a gingerbread house at Christmas so we can have better tasting stuff, lol.
Not being satisfied with the shots I got the other day, I tried to get some more...
I love this:)
The color is kinda wacky on these because I had my white balance set for overcast for the pics above because it was shady/dark where I took those. But the sun was shining on the porch, and it was setting, so there is this golden look to them and I forgot to change the white balance! But it looks kinda cool with the pumpkin for some fall pics?
Her hair is getting long! Hope everyone is doing well. I have lots of layouts to share, just gotta get pics of them sometime! I did lots of scrapping since the computers were out of commission!


Scrap Candy said...

Good call on the settings for the camera - I love the aperture and slight tilts - always adds a "just something extra" to these beautiful smiles.

K's first bite pics are so precious! Esp the one where you can see his little peach fuzz hair standing up - adorable!

I Love A's little fall themed shirt in those last pics too! I've always wanted to make a cutsey tree like that on a LO - it would be a perfect match with her cute pic!!

Shelstan said...

Great pics, Pam! Your photography looks so professional! Love it!

Isn't it great when they start eating cereal? Love how it helps them sleep more deeply!

Brynne said...

Those are great pics of A! I'm glad I got to see the little man eat some cereal and make a haunted house with A!

Phillip Perry said...

I would have never guessed that eating cereal helps a baby sleep but I'm glad it did. Hmmm...Aislynn just wanting to eat the candy while building a house. Sounds familiar like when we made a gingerbread house at Christmas!