Wednesday, October 28, 2009

5 Months and Pumpkins

Today, the little guy is 5 months, I can't believe it!!! As you can see from these pics, he is a total joy and happy guy. So cannot picture life without him:)Some of the things at 5 months:
  • eating cereal...and loving it:)
  • rolling over...all over the place...really not ready for him to be moving around this much!
  • "talking" all the time:) He just started making this "aaaaaah" noise, but growling kinda when he says it? His face turns red, and he does it really really loud...he's a little monster:)
  • we call him "Grumplestiltskin" when he is fussy
  • loves his Dad. A lot. When he gets up in the morning he always starts jabbering and looking at Shaun sleeping, and he gives Shaun the biggest smiles.
  • loves his sissy:) Is finally able to kinda let her know when she is to in his personal bubble. loves when she plays peek-a-boo.
  • just started wearing size 2 diapers
  • favorite toy is his little giraffe teether. It squeaks and when he hears it, he immediately starts smiling
  • gets up twice a night *usually*
  • really really really likes to play/eat his feet:)
Tonight we carved pumpkins. One for each of us...not sure we are going to do that again:) Here is Kieran with his pumpkin, I carved this one and Shaun did all the other ones.
About as long as it took to snap this was about as long as Aislynn "helped." The guts were too slimy for her:) Know how annoying "are we there yet?" can be? Just replace that with "Can we put the candles in and turn off the lights now?" Yup, pretty annoying.
Our pumpkins:) From left to right: Aislynn, Kieran, me, and Shaun:)
Used the remote and the tripod for this:)
We are off to Tallahassee tomorrow to spend the weekend with my Mom and trick-or-treat with Riley-Aislynn is so excited about Halloween this year. I think for the past 2 weeks she has asked me everyday if it is Halloween, lol! Hope everyone has a safe and spooky Halloween! Can't wait to share pics of my little dinosaur and princess!!


Douglas A. Perry, Sr. said...

What a happy guy. Sounds like it's time to child safe the house again now that he is becoming mobile! LOL

Great job on the pumpkins.


Brynne said...

Nice pumpkins, I love that you each had one. I forgot to mention in the top post that those pics of Mom were really good.

Phillip Perry said...

The little man is growing up quick! That's a really nice photo in front of the pumpkins. Such a beautiful family.