Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Pumpkin Patch

We made caramel apples yesterday. Shaun found a delicious caramel sauce recipe that he made a few months ago, so we used that. I bought some granny smith apples and took a melon baller to it...that really didn't work so well because the apples are much harder than melons, lol! Then the caramel just dripped into a big puddle. So it didn't quite work out like I had hoped, but they were still yummy:) Aislynn was SO serious about dipping the apples in caramel:) Today we went to the pumpkin patch. The past 2 years we have gone to a teeny farm, but some stables 3 miles down the road had one this year, so we went there. Here are the best pictures:
Aislynn was excited all day to go...she kept asking if we were going now, pretty much every 5 minutes, ha ha!
We ended up getting 4 pumpkins, per Aislynn's request:) One for each of us. We got 1 little orange one, 1 big orange one, and 2 little white ones.
A family pic:) You can barely see Kieran!!
While Aislynn jumped on some of the big bouncy things, I tortured Kieran a bit:)
Love this one below:) Even if it does look like he has a stem coming out of his head:)
Love this blue sky! We had the best weather today! In the mid-60's, sunny, and windy! It actually felt like fall! Aislynn thought it was winter when we walked outside, lol!
These pictures didn't really come out, but Aislynn rode one of the horses. I didn't think she would actually do it because she is wimpy (like me!). In fact, she almost fell off the hayride because she saw a dog. She is scared of frogs, bugs, etc. But she LOVED riding the horse. She had the biggest smile on her face the whole time!
Here are some of the pictures from the hayride:
Our friends, Chad, Megan, and Lillian ended up meeting us there. Here are the girls on the hayride:)
When we left, we got Aislynn some cotton candy. She has never had it before so when Shaun gave it to her, she told him it wasn't cotton candy, lol! When we put her to bed, I asked her if she had a good day and she said "it was quite fun, but I wish the cotton candy didn't make my hands so sticky!" She cracks me up:)
**I have some scrappy news. I got 2 layouts picked up by Scrapbook Trends. So in March 2010, I will have a layout of Kieran at 1 week and a layout of Aislynn dying eggs in that issue! I am excited because I have never had a layout published before, just cards. Yay!


Brynne said...

Congrats on your layouts that is so awesome! I love the pictures and I'm so jealous that I didn't get to go to the pumpkin patch with you guys this year but it looks like yall had fun. I love the one of Kieran smiling in front of the pumpkins, looks like he liked his first experience at the patch a lot better than A did, ha.

Unknown said...

This is wonderful pam! I love the big blue sky and the bright orange punkins ( the white ones scare me for some reason!). Beautiful day to match those smiles. I love A's thinking - one for everyone! I didn't notice the stem near K's head in the pic. His smile is so cute it caught my eye first!

Shel said...

What cute photos! I love the one of K smiling! So, we did you peel the apples before dipping them in caramel? Just curious!!

Douglas A. Perry, Sr. said...

Great photos. I love the one where Kieran is sitting with the pumpkins and it looks like he is sticking his tongue out.


Phillip Perry said...

Aww, those are some great family photos. I also like the one of Kieran in front of the pumpkins - he looks like one cool dude! I'm also surprised that Aislynn rode the horse but glad it looks like she had fun doing it. Congrats on getting the layout published! You are very talented, just like our lil' sis and her painting.