Monday, March 29, 2010

10 Months

This month was really really hard to get pictures of Bongo Boy:) He is one wiggly fellow...not too willing to sit still. I even enlisted my helper, Aislynn, but he wasn't cooperating. Here's what I got: He has got some long legs, like his Daddy!!!
I had to post this picture because 1) it's adorable. Love his teethies! and 2) He looks SO much like my brother Andrew here!!! If he had curly hair, he could totally pass as a baby Andy!
Some things about Kieran at 10 months:
  • As I said, he will not sit still. This becomes a maaaaaaaaaaaaaajor challenge during diaper changes. He is a busy busy boy...
  • He claps. Sometimes, he will clap when I just say "Yay!"
  • He calls Aislynn "na-na" (pronounced naw-naw). It is really really really cute and I love that he just made it up:)
  • He has 7 teeth.
  • He cruises...along the sofa, bathtub, entertainment stand, bookshelf, even the wall. Pretty much anything he can pull up on, he walks along holding on to it.
  • Likes to chew on things (gotta watch the poor book spines!!!), but he checks things out for longer periods of time before they go in the mouth.
  • Babbles, screams, screeches...just likes making noise in general:)
  • Likes to bang 2 things together or bang a toy on the floor or wall.
  • Is really liking the cause-and-effect game of throwing something on the ground and having someone get it back for him. Then repeat. Aislynn usually plays longer then Shaun or I will:)
  • is still SUCH a happy guy...he has lots of smiles to hand out:) Hard to believe in 2 months he will be ONE YEAR-eek!!

And a couple pictures from the weekend: Mmmmmm...books.Really excited about the weather this week, the 10 day forecast has weather sunny and 70 degrees:) Hope to get some more springy pictures!!


Scrap Candy said...

Bless his heart! I think he is just fantastic - his little spirit is so present in that giggle picture! That is something so hard to capture in 1/100 of a second! But you got it!!

How can it be 10 months already?! ;)

Shelstan said...

WOW! He does have some really long legs! He's going to be a giant! LOL

I'm just jealous. I'm used to super chubby, squishable thighs and legs!

I adore that pic of him with the book. You've inspired me once again!

Brynne said...

K really does look like Andy in that picture, too funny. I can't believe its been 10 months already it seems like not too long ago that I got the phone call in the middle of the night, hee hee