Saturday, March 27, 2010


I know I said it in the last post, but spring is here-yay!!! I just want to be outside all the time now, the weather has been so gorgeous! Yesterday we played outside for a long time, came in for lunch and then went to the playground for some more play. Here are a few pictures... Kieran was content to sit and watch this pinwheel and watch Aislynn. He looks like a cute little man:)
I think the texture of the grass was strange to him...he didn't really try to crawl, just wanted to sit and observe.
I really love how the streamer is framing her here, got lucky on that one!!!
I have to smile at her outfit. It rained the day before and we had taken a walk. I asked her if she wanted to wear her rain boots, but she didn't. Well, of course on our walk there were tons of puddles and she wished she had worn them. She told me she would wear them after breakfast the next day. The puddles were all dried up by then, but she still wanted to wear them. Oh, and she didn't want to change from her jammies:)
Some hopscotch. I really want to remove that broken up bench (darn neighborhood boys) from the background of the pic, but when I tried to read up on how to do that-it seemed too complicated for me. I think I need to learn the basics of Photoshop first;)
Hope everyone has a good weekend!


Jakki said...

to remove that broken bench would be ALOT of clonning, too much for me. i wouldn't do it i think the picture would be too distorted in the end .. besides i really didn't even notice it, until you started talking about it. hey have you tried actions yet? those pictures would make cool with some actions added :)

Scrap Candy said...

There's something about the texture of all grass in the springtime - so i totally agree with Kieran on the sit and observe routine. He's so darn precious in that glorious sunlight!

Seeing Aislynn playing with that ribbon reminds me of one I had when I was little! And Aly has never had one! That was one of my favorite things - how could it have never crossed my mind not to get her one!!!

Now, as for changes... what a beautiful blog bg you have set up! It been on my head for a while to really clean up my blog - your less is more framing is perfect. I love it!!!

Douglas A. Perry, Sr. said...

Seeing Kieran sitting outside taking it all in is wonderful. Just think, every thing he sees and touches is a brand new experience for him. Aislynn really seems to be enjoying being outside also. I love all the great pictures.

Also, like the new blog look.


Brynne said...

I love that first pic of K, everything is perfect with him in the corner and the pinwheel in the other. I'm glad A liked her world market outdoor toys. I'm glad the weather is nice now too.