Wednesday, March 24, 2010


It is officially spring now and this week, the weather report definitely reflects that-yippee!!! Seems like winter was longer and colder this year. Time to have cute painted toes (check), springy clothes (check), and sandals (check-gotta love payless!). Now I just need to shave my legs, ha!!We took a walk yesterday before dinner:
(Brynne-I exchanged the sweater for a medium and now it is big?? Oh well, maybe it will shrink. ON and their sizing, grrr...) And this guy is super happy on walks:) He especially likes when Sissy and Daddy are walking in front of him so he can "talk" to them or when the wind blows on him:)
On a side note...when I was painting our toes yesterday....Aislynn asked if her big toe was called her thumb toe:) Last week she was asking me what each one of her fingers was called, so it makes sense for her big toe to be a thumb toe, right? ;)


Uncle Don said...

Great looking kids and family. Follow your blog to keep up with the southern relatives. Tried posting a comment on Brynne's blog but it wouldn't let me. Was gonna tell her that a few more sessions at the gun range and she would be ready for some bank ... Love ya

Unknown said...

A looks like a movie star; glamorous!! I wish spring would get here, though. Although some people have started wearing sandals and have wishful thinking in Chicago - I think i'd rather see temps in the 60s for at least a couple of weeks before shedding my jacket!! I so need to come to Florida or head to California!!

Mrs. Weddle said...

I am totally up for the "week in the life" challenge over on ali's page ... might take the pictures ahead of time thought, lol. its only one page right?

so loving the weather too, so have to paint the toe's.

Brynne said...

Those photos are so good. That cardigan looks super cute on you though, great colors on you. I love A's way cool sunglasses and the close up of K in orange, he looks good in every color he wears.