Monday, August 2, 2010

new orleans

We had such a good weekend! The last time I was in NO was when I was about 3 months pregnant with Aislynn (so pre-Katrina). It's dirty, slightly smutty in parts, alive, full of culture and creativity, unique, old and full of history, and FULL of character. It is such a neat city, and while we didn't do anything big, wandering around it's streets, tasting it's food, and listening to it's music...oh and being kid free...well, it was a great time;)
Here is the "skyline." I put that in quotes because to my Chicagoians (ok, I know that is not what you are called!), this small line of buildings probably looks weak in comparison to yours. But regardless, there is a thrill for me to arrive in a city. Where we live is so laid back, and I love the vibe a city has...stuff is happening, lol!As soon as we got to our hotel, we showered and got ready for dinner reservations. As we were leaving, there was a guy in the elevator saying they saw Brian Williams in the lobby. Just a few pics before we left the room...
Snapped this on the way to dinner, I love love love the old condos on top of retail and restaurants. I love the balconies, the character of each one, love:)A shot of the Louisiana Supreme Court building.
Nola, is one of Emeril's restaurants and where we ate on Friday night.
:) I was wondering just how he looked so handsome and I think it was because his shirt was blue, his eyes are blue, and he is in front of the orange wall. And orange and blue are complimentary colors. And, well, he just is so handsome;)
My food: Buttermilk fried chicken breasts, bourbon mashed sweet potatoes (YUMMMMMM), and sauteed sugar snap peas. I like spicy cajun-y food, but in New Orleans, they use lots of seafood, which I am not a fan of, so I opted for a southern dish. I did taste one of Shaun's shrimp from his appetizer (Brynne-can you believe it, heeeee hee!) and it was confirmed. The sauce was good-the shrimp, bleh-did not like the texture.
Shaun's food-cannot remember the technical stuff, but basically a filet with shallot-potato mix and a port wine sauce and other stuff=yummy yummy yummy.
If you know us, you know we like treats. So we had to get 2;) Shaun got this, a chocolate pecan pie with sweet potato ice cream. The ice cream was so delicious, but the pie was just okay, kinda dry. But it sure does look pretty and tasty, huh?
I got a creme brulee trio: vanilla bean, mocha coconut, and coconut cream. The mocha coconut was soooooo incredibly delicious!! Shaun and I devoured that one and ate a lot of the others, but we did not finish out desserts. Can you believe it? We were stuffed, plus we had drunk a bottle of wine.
The people at the table next to us were sharing their 25th wedding anniversary and were laughing when I was taking pictures of the dessert, and they offered to take one of us:)
So after dinner we walked back to the hotel and who should be leaving the elevator, but Brian Williams. And the dork that I am, followed him. But then I couldn't get his attention, which was probably good. I was, um...tipsy and had no idea what to say (I was joking to Shaun that I would tell him I liked his work on Sesame Street b/c he was a guest on there once!). I think that is my closest celebrity encounter though.
After that, we went to Bourbon Street and listened to jazz and drank some more. Too much. Let's just say I was not feeling very good at the end of the night.
Saturday started off with lunch at the Palace Cafe (if you have seen Runaway Jury-that is where they get lunch) and then aimless wandering around.
On the edge of Jackson Square, they have tons of artists selling their work. A lot of them are working on new things, so you can watch their process.
One of the landmarks of New Orleans, the St. Louis Cathedral.
Just an old house that I thought was lovely:)
And another NO landmark, Cafe Du Monde.
Just a self-portrait type picture:)
And goofy pics in a souvenir store.
We have a picture of us in front of this fountain when I was probably like 19 or 20, I will have to find it-we look like little kids!
A little shopping, and then we were off to La Boca, an Argentinian steakhouse. It was SO good.
Shaun got skirt steak and I got a steak similar to a filet, but can't remember the name. We liked each other's better than our own:) Then for sides we got grilled asparagus, french fries (which were amazing!), and baked corn pudding (YUM). No dessert, but we did have bottle of a yummy Malbec.
Then we headed to Frenchmen Street, the real place to go listen to jazz. And wow...the difference from the jazz on Bourbon Street was insane (actually one group on Bourbon Street was pretty good). We saw Astral Project and they were amazing. Just the venue was really cool too and super nice people! And more good wine, which I drank too much of....again.
We had such a great weekend and when we got home Sunday, the kids were happy to see us! They had such a good time with Grandma and James though, and I will post pics of their weekend when I get them. Now it's back to reality...and the last week of "summer" for us...A starts school next Monday!


Shel said...

OMG! That looked like sooooo much fun! The last time Jack and I went to NO (the only time actually) was also pre-Katrina, pre-kids and pre-wedding! LOL

I went to NOLA and I met Emeril there. I have a pic of me and Emeril that I need to copy so I can scrap it!!!!! Remind me to tell you sometime about what a goof I was to him! LOL

The pics are gorgeous. You guys look so cute! And I agree the architecture and buildings are just so cool and filled with character! You are making me want to go back!

Rileysmom said...

Looks like you had a great weekend. Where's the pics of Brian

Scrap Candy said...

Glorious colors! There's nothing better than an ageless city full of history and grand old architecture to make this girl happy! I love it - and I am so glad you two had an amazing weekend away.

My parents have tripped to NO and NOLA, but we have yet to do so. They talk of the colors and architecture AND the crazy ancient cemeteries that sit above the ground and are cracked from time.

So, what are you planning for these? An album...a chipboard....I say a baby board book that the kids can flip through and she their beautiful parents!!!!

Brynne said...

I'm so glad you had a blast, you deserved it. I love the pics and it makes me want to go again soon. Sean and I may try going around Mardi Gras! That food looks delicious, oh and the desert yum yum.