Monday, August 9, 2010

the one on the first day

All week last week she was so nervous until we got a backpack on Friday. Then it was all "When is it my first day of school?" "Is tomorrow my first day of school?" So today was like Christmas morning, I think due to the nervousness mixed with excitement, and she got up at about 6 a.m. She was a star when it came to taking the first day photos: New hair bow, new dress, new shoes:)
She said she was this excited:
She was so excited when we got to school and gave me a big hug and Kieran a big kiss and said "Have a good day with Kieran, Mom." She even told a little girl that was shy, "Some school students are nervous on the first day, but it's okay."
When we picked her up, she was a grumpy, cranky mess. She didn't want to talk about her day or tell me what they did. I think, well KNOW, that she was super tired and it was lunch time. Later though, she filled Shaun and I in on the day. She said they had circle time where all the kids shouted their names, then stations. She picked the kitchen station where her and 2 other girls (she couldn't remember anyone's names...not even the teachers) pretended to make breakfast (fried eggs and bread). She told me "Mom, we pretended we were princesses! I was Cinderella, one girl was Belle, and one was Princess Aurora!" Then they played outside for a little bit, "but not too long because it was so hot." And they had circle time again where the teacher read a story and then they danced. She told me she didn't follow the other kid's moves, she just did what moves she wanted to do:) She brought home 2 pictures she colored, she was quite concerned that her backpack would be empty:) So she did have a good day and she told me she was excited for her second day of school! Woo relieved;)
Kieran was so happy to see his sissy, as soon as he saw her he was babbling up a storm and the whole way home he kept chatting away to her:) She said she missed him, but not me...ouch. I said, you must have been to busy to miss me and she said, "Yeah, that's right." Well, at least she missed Kieran:) Now to figure out how to adjust him to this new schedule...kinda cuts into nap time for him since her school is 35-40 minutes away with traffic and is only 3 hours long. He was definitely one cranky dude today.


Scrap Candy said...

Oh how wonderful!

I am so glad that she was excited going into the FIRST DAY! It may take a few spins through the cycle, but the adjustment to the new schedule shouldn't take too long!

Hopefully, you can say this is true for K as well! Now get to scrappin' these precious pics!!

Rileysmom said...

Aislynn looks absolutely adorable in that outfit!!!! I just love it. Glad she enjoyed school.

Shel said...

How super duper exciting!!! I remember Matt's first day of pre-K...I cried and cried. But on Lil's first day... I jumped for joy! Heeheheehee

I totally get what you mean about the crabbiness at lunchtime. Here is my solution (which totally worked, by the way)...have snacks ready for when she comes home. This way you can shove them in her mouth as soon as she gets home and the crabbiness won't last too long.

IN this month's Food Network Magazine they have a pull-out insert with 50 afterschool snacks that you can make. I am going to try to switch it up a notch and make something different instead of my standards (granola bars, carrots and dip, apples and peanut butter). Maybe I'll try one new thing a week!