Thursday, August 12, 2010

the one with the updates

It's been awhile since I posted about what this little guy is up to, so I thought I would give a little update:) First some pictures though... Love the one below...he looks so cute:D
He loves this little push thing (we never know what to call, car, truck? Aislynn calls it a bike). Although this is the cause for most of his bumps and boo boos...he trips over it while pushing it over even stands on the seat part.
And just a picture I caught kinda by accident, but fits perfectly for this stage right now: one busy blur of a little boy. So right now, Mr. K is up to:
  • walking ALL over the's amazing how quick they get fast
  • knows where his hair, eyes, ears, nose, belly, tongue, and teeth are
  • says "ba" for ball and block (you know what he means by which one he is holding, says "da" for dog, "ea" for eat, and says "boo ba" and "di da" a lot (not sure what they mean though)...he started saying "boo ba" after he heard me say "booyah" so maybe that is what that means, lol
  • has become quite the ham, especially at dinner, he loves to make us laugh
  • he dances...which is hilarious to watch, he wiggles his shoulders and bounces up and down, so funny!
  • is def. getting more vocal about when he wants something...he makes noise and points in the general direction of what he wants...oh and if you take something away that he wants, he is very good at letting you know he is mad about that;)
  • finally will sit still for other books besides Blue Train Green Train and Goodnight Moon

Okay, that's all I can think of off the top of my head...we are so enjoying this personality of his that is coming through, seriously can't imagine this little dude not in our lives!!

And here are my latest scrappy pages: The one above, I lifted from Heather Bowser. And that one I lifted from Kelly Goree.

The sewing class started and is going very interesting:) It's harder to sew on fabric...more slippery than paper. I am also terrible at sewing in a straight line. Really really really hoping this is one of those things that practice makes perfect;)


Rileysmom said...

Oh K is just so adorable! HE is quite the little man! and were those 12x12 layouts???

Jakki said...

totally lifting some of your pages there. very cool and now kailee is calling me away to watch movies with her. i thought i had more time.

Scrap Candy said...

he is getting SO TALL!! Little K-man is not so little anymore. :(

I am a believer that practice makes perfect and eventually we will get it. My time to stitch starting to run out! :(

Keep it up - I need your motivation to drive me ;)

Shel said...

WOWWEE! He is getting so super big! Make time stop, Pam! Make it stop!!! I love this stage so much. The toddler years are so adorable! No one can resist them in this stage and they are like sponges...soaking up so much knowledge! Isn't it wonderful! I'm glad to be me and glad to know you!! :)