Sunday, August 22, 2010

the one with the slump

I have felt like I have been in a slump this week. I think it's still trying to get in some kind of routine, I was sick to my stomach and throwing up all day one day, and Aislynn's behavior has been not the best some days, which has been really frustrating to Shaun and I. But we have had a couple of talks with her and will make a few changes here and there and we should hopefully see some changes in her behavior. So I haven't felt much like taking pictures or blogging. Despite that, there were some major highlights in the week but first here the few snaps I got this week:She has been wearing her sunglasses a lot lately, pretending to be a movie star;) He has been a stinker this week...def. testing his limits lately...
And the back of his hair...I think I am just going to wait to cut it;)
Monday night, we met Brynne and Sean at the Red Bar, one of our fave restaurants...the atmosphere is so cool, and they had a band that night. We only saw a few songs before we headed out to put those crazy kids to bed:)
And this picture below is what happens when both kids get up around 5 a.m. This was about 2.5 hours later:)
We took quite a few beach walks this week. We saw rainbows 2 nights (all the rain this week might have had something to do with my mood too), and some amazing sunsets. I also had a very proud mama moment when I picked A up from school and her teachers commented that I didn't tell them my child was brilliant. They said she read a book to the class and that they were so impressed with the words she was reading and not even having to sound them out. One of the little boys Mom told me that Matthew loves Aislynn. She said he talks about her all the time and the other day he said, "Mom, Aislynn can read and she knows all the animals!" LOL. So cute...
Aislynn also is signed up for a cooking class at school, so on Tuesdays she gets picked up an hour later. She loved it...they made meatballs with noodles stuffed inside and she ate them for dinner that night.
Well, here's to hoping this week has a little bit better vibe to it and we can slip into a routine:) I will hopefully take more pictures and blog more too:)


Scrap Candy said...

Don't you just love adjusting? Ugh. I'm right there with you! I'm a schedule girl- love to have some coming and going sense about the day ahead -this is the way I find ME time. Without it SHOOT Me! Once you guys make it through this initial month of adjustments with school hours and nap times it will get you out of the slump period.

I'm with you on waiting to cute that hair! B says long is all the rage anyway! ;)

Love those cool shades! I also love that pic of the kiddos on the couch, but if your A was my A she would still be in jammies, her hair a mess, and refusing to start the day!!

Shel said...

Oh, don't have to tell me about being in a funk. Funk is my middle name this week...LOL

Here's a toast to a better week for all of us!