Tuesday, December 7, 2010

day 2 + day 3

Tuesday we were at Epcot the whole day. I love Epcot. I love the World Showcase, even though it seems like we never spend as much time as I would like there, but the little mini countries are so cool. Even more cool at Christmas because they share with how each country celebrates the holidays. Aislynn saw Father Christmas in England and kept calling him the Green Santa:) Here are the pictures:Shaun was getting our fast passes for Soarin' while the kids had a little snack. I wish I could have gotten a better picture with their ears, but they really didn't like having them on too long.
This was after we got off the Finding Nemo ride...Kieran looooooved the fish! I think he could have stayed a long time watching them swim by!
Aislynn and Nemo:)
See? The hats didn't last long:)
Here we are in England.
Aislynn wanted to meet Alice. She really wasn't that interested in meeting the characters this year...more into the rides. They had a lot more of the princesses at Epcot than they have had in the past, but she didn't want to wait in the long lines to meet them. She did want to meet Mickey and Minnie as you'll see below.
In Germany, they had this train set which Kieran also loved. He kept calling the trains "ca" for car and would smile and point every time he saw one!
Playing the drums...
After dinner in Mexico...
This picture is important because it shows what Kieran kept doing throughout the trip-taking off just one shoe:) Most of the time we saw when he threw it overboard, but one time, all these people started yelling at us that they saw a shoe and then a lady ran up to us with his shoe. What a stinker that boy is:)
If you remember our Christmas cards from last year, you'll know we had a picture taken in this same spot last year. This was in France.While in line for meeting the characters, Kieran kept trying to put his ears on Shaun. Then he kept trying to feed Shaun cheerios. Cheerios definitely helped in the waiting process:)
Meeting Mickey. Kieran loved meeting Mickey. He kept calling him "Mick-me" and didn't want to leave him:)
A loved meeting and giving hugs to all the characters, Kieran was weary of Pluto. He didn't really want to go by him, but he was smiling at him:)
Minnie was Aislynn's favorite character to meet, and Kieran loved her too...must be the ears he likes:) He could say Minnie and that was so cute!
Donald-again, K wasn't too sure about him!
I love this picture, it makes me smile how they are both running up to Goofy to give him hugs:) I guess K though he was okay, ha ha.
And this was the end of Epcot:) Sleepyheads:) *** The next day we went to Magic Kingdom. It was nice we went the other night too and had ridden some of the rides, so there wasn't as much pressure to try to do everything, lol.
Aislynn getting a view of a show that was going on at Cinderella's caste when we got there.
Aislynn and Shaun on Big Thunder Mountain...can you spot them?
We ate at the Plaza on Main Street for lunch. I have to say...I am not impressed with Disney's food at all. We ate breakfast at the hotel, and brought our lunch 2 days to save money. Honestly, if you are going to pay for Disney food...I wouldn't make reservations for the sit down places. The food is just as bland and gross as the quick places to eat and the quick places Disney offers are much cheaper. The upside to Disney food is for the kids they offer a lot more healthier sides then most places (fruit, carrot sticks, salad, etc.).
After lunch we watched the parade. This was good since A didn't really want to wait to meet the princesses, she liked seeing them all in the parade. After the float with Mickey and Minnie went by, Kieran kept trying to get down...I guess he wanted to hop in the parade with "Mick-me" :)
Nice shot Shaun...love that you can see A and the Fairy Godmother waving to each other:)
After the parade, we headed into Tomorrowland, and by the time we got there, K was passed out (he slept for about 3 hours!). We went on Space Mountain-A went on with Shaun, then again with me. Then we went on the tea cups. This picture above is probably my favorite picture from the trip. Before we ever went to Disney, when we were showing Aislynn pictures of the rides, she wanted to go on the tea cups so bad. Well, the first time we went we never made it to that ride, plus I was pregnant with Kieran so I couldn't ride them. Last year, Shaun went on them with her while I was feeding Kieran, so I couldn't go then either. But this year, she was so excited to go on them with me:) And I was just as excited:) I made the tea cups spin as fast as I could and I will always remember her giggles from twirling around so fast:)
Cinderella's Carousel. K and A both loved this:)
And this shot is great, it was taken by the Disney Photopass people, but I like it because it has all four of us with the castle in the background. After Magic Kingdom we went to Epcot for dinner and so that Aislynn could go on Test Track with Shaun since we didn't do that the day before. We had such a great trip and I really hope we can continue to do this every year:) The kids love it so much, and it will be so so fun when K is able to go on more of the rides. He actually could go on quite a few and called everything you rode in a "ca" for car:) We are hoping to go again in February since we have passes now.


Scrap Candy said...

OMG! Epcot is my favorite too! I will definitely plan on spending MORE time there on our next trip. (Whenever that might be?) It sounds like A walked away from this trip with such a new understanding of everything! That ROCKS!

You are right..that is a REALLY good catch of A on the teacups. Bet K is going to grow to love that you have passes now! Wish we were closer!!!

Rileysmom said...

I just LOVE all of your Disney pictures and stories. I can't wait to take Riley in Feb. You will have to help me plan it out!!