Sunday, December 12, 2010

december daily

I am doing the December Daily project this year, but have not had time to actually put any pages together...just have the base done. Good thing this blog well help me when I can get a minute to work on it;) So here are a few pictures from the weekend:
Our tree all lit up:
A and K watching Polar Express. K had been pretty fussy lately and I didn't think he was teething, so since A had just had strep and didn't really show symptoms, I took K in. We started him on antibiotics and he seems to be doing much much better. You can kinda see his red cheekie in this picture...he tripped and bumped his cheek on our ottoman and has a little "joker" bruise on his cheek.This picture makes me smile:) First, he looks stinkin' cute, but second he is holding what Shaun calls his mortar and pestle. It's this Little People suitcase that is open on the bottom and a block and he mashes the block around in the suitcase then "drinks" from the suitcase and says "mmm mmm." He does this a lot and it totally cracks us up.
At first we thought we were going to have to totally block the tree from Kieran, but overall he has been pretty good about not messing with it. He warns us when he gets close to it by saying "no." He does occasionally get brave and touches the "ba" (balls).
Friday night Aislynn and I went to go see the Nutcracker at the high school. During the intermission, she was showing me their dances in the aisle and was super excited about act 2 in the land of sweets. Well, being overtired and upset that the dancers costumes didn't look like candy (???), she said it wasn't fun. When we got home she changed her mind though.
Saturday we were going to visit Santa, but the line was insanely we would have had to wait an hour. We made a deal to go home and we would write letters to Santa and have hot chocolate. So that is what we did with the promise of coming back on a week day:)
She really wanted to ask Santa for a computer? Finally she decided on Lady and the Tramp, 2 unicorns, a Snow White doll, and a Princess Tiana doll. Hopefully Santa has "selective watching," hee hee. She wrote in her letter for Santa to bring Kieran a train set and a Thomas the Train coloring book.
Today while K-man was napping, we decorated this gingerbread house. I was planning on making one this year, but I got waaaaay to ambitious and was totally thinking unrealistically about how much time I I snatched this kit up from the bakery in our grocery store.
There wasn't much candy, but enough to decorate it without it being too complicated and still some leftover to eat:)
That was our weekend! We baked some amazing cookies last Thursday, I think? I am about to post the link on the craft blog...they were so so so good!! They barely lasted 24 hours here:)


Shel said...

A computer, huh? Must be watchin' all the fun Mommy has on her computer! Heehee

Scrap Candy said...

These are great for your DD. I look forward to seeing your complete. I keep going back and forth over how to handle mine. I know I've got the pictures for it, but...

If you caught the strep in time, GOOD! I can't imagine poor K sick with that-- poor baby! Keep up those smiles! I'm off to check out those cookies because do or die we WILL be making lots of those things!!

Jakki said...

its easy to do the dd digital if you have the templates ... i can share :). its just really hard because it's so easy to change everything, you'll end up remaking it like 5-6 times.

k is making up her gingerbread house this week, and i think i will follow you and wait to do it durnig l's nap.

totally love how your K is saying "no" when he gets near the tree. its too funny. you have to scrap that ... dd? maybe

Douglas A. Perry, Sr. said...

Nothing like a real Christmas Tree. I bet it smells good. Lots of wonderful photos. Brings back memories when you were young.

Looks like you had a great time at Disney.

Merry Christmas - Love...Dad