Monday, December 6, 2010

maclay gardens + disney day 1

Finally getting around to posting some pictures. So far...knock on wood...Kieran and I aren't sick and Shaun and Aislynn are feeling much better! We got our Christmas tree this weekend and started putting lights up on the outside of the house. It is COLD here too, brrr...but that just adds to the feeling of the season:) I take hardly any pictures on Thanksgiving every year? so don't really have much to share from that, but it was yummy and great to spend some time with Mimi and Papa:) We went into Tallahassee Friday and Shaun and his Dad went to see Harry Potter, while I took the kids to see Tangled. We didn't last long...K was into it (or rather, the cheerios I had snuck in for him!), but Aislynn wanted to leave about 45 minutes through. Saturday, we headed back to Tallahassee and went to Maclay Gardens. Here are some of the pictures from battery died while we were there.
I could just gobble him up he is so stinkin' cute:) Daddy and Kieran
Mommy and Aislynn
This was the same place where that family shot was taken. I love her little shadow and the light coming through in this one.
She liked picking up all the different color leaves...
Hey, I didn't know Santa was going to be there:)
Mr. Stinker Pants *** Now on to the Disney pictures. We went to Animal Kingdom the first day, followed by Magic Kingdom since AK closed at 5. The first thing we did was go on the safari there. Kieran looooooved looking at all the animals. A said it was slow, although she did enjoy seeing the lions (even if they were sleeping). That was the theme for her at Animal Kingdom...she said the rides were too slow there (except for Expedition Everest!).
Here she is checking out some animals.
Pluto was the only character we met at Animal Kingdom. Aislynn was not shy at all, and Kieran was doing his flirty bit, where he totally pretends to be shy and coy:) Each of the parks have iconic structures, and at Animal Kingdom, it is the tree in the background, glad we got it into a picture:)
A family picture...might just be one of my faves from the trip.
I didn't go on this one...I was off in search of different shoes because I was getting blisters on both pinky toes. Aislynn and Shaun are the bottom people. They really didn't get that wet, but some people that were coming off the rides were completely soaked!
Expedition Everest is a roller coaster. Aislynn kept her eyes closed the whole time because she didn't want to see the Yeti:) She went on it first with Shaun, then with me but after that she said she was never going on it again:)
Aislynn took this picture of Shaun and I. After this, we saw the Finding Nemo show they had was awesome! It was way better than I expected! We went into Dinosaur Land after that, but Aislynn wouldn't go on the dinosaur ride...too scary, she said, maybe when I'm 8 or 9. :)
Soft serve ice cream, yuuuum. We got one almost day we got 2, hee hee:)
At the ice cream point, K was passed out in the stroller for the rest of the time in the park. This was the day where he had the most meltdowns. He was overall, pretty good...just lack of sleep, lack of being able to walk whenever *he* wanted to...made for a few not-so-happy moments.
Watching the parade...A was totally getting into it and dancing and waving!
After the parade, she hopped into the stroller and we headed off to Magic Kingdom. This was what they looked like when we got to our car:) Btw, one of the smartest things we did on this trip was rent a double stroller. Last year we brought ours for Kieran and A walked the whole time, which led to one tired girl, which led to one cranky, whiny girl. She was pretty well-behaved the whole trip, I was so proud of her! *** At Magic Kingdom, we got to do all of the rides in Adventureland (Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise, and Aladdin's Magic Carpets) then we had dinner reservations at Tony's (from the Lady and the Tramp).
Gotta love how they deck everything out for Christmas at Disney!
K's newest obsession is "co" or coloring. Before I can even get him in the high chair, he is saying "co co co co co" when he sees the crayons.
After dinner, the kids fell asleep in the stroller again so we decided to head back to the hotel. I snapped this shot of Cinderella's castle before we left. I love how beautiful it looks with the lights.
Disney has photographers that take your picture, put the pictures on a card and then when you get home, you can go on their website and type in your code and it pulls up all of the pictures that were taken by them. The camera of the photographer by the castle wasn't working, so she offered to take some pictures with our camera, yay! Free, lol! To get the pictures they take with their camera, is is $15 a pop:( Anyways, glad to get a shot of S and me:)
And the end of day one:) (What's funny is that I have one of these pictures from everyday we were at parks, ha!)


Scrap Candy said...

Love it!! I bet so much has changed in the four years since we have been there(OMG...has it been that long?). I'm with A. The Dino ride is way scary - aly rode it at five and never let's me forget how scary it was.

I'm horrible at taking people pics at thanksgiving so that makes tons of sense to me. Bring on day two of WDW!!

Shel said...

I love that you and S were able to get into so many of the pics! Awesome!

Love A's reactions to the rides (too slow or too scary!) Hehehe

Expedition Everest was a family fave for us! That Yeti wasn't scary at all!