Thursday, December 9, 2010

o christmas tree

We got our Christmas tree up and decorated last weekend. We have a fake tree that we have used the last couple years, but we decided to change it up this year and get a real one. We just went to Home Depot to get it, so I took pictures there:) Aislynn insisted on wearing her Santa hat (actually she has worn it almost every time we go somewhere, love her Christmas spirit!).
They love when we go to Home Depot because of these cars they can "drive." K says "voo voo voo" when he is turning the wheel:)These pictures of A inspecting the tree totally crack me up. She wanted to get a bigger tree, but we told her it would be like Mr Willowby's Christmas Tree. Have you read that book? It is a new one for us this year and we *love* it. Very clever and cute!
Sunday morning we decorated the tree (which is why I am still in my jammies and look a bit crusty, hee hee).
It is nice having a tree you don't need the ladder to put the lights on. And nice that is smells good. The Christmas tree candles just don't capture the true smell.
The pine needles I could do without though...
He wanted to play with the "ba's" (balls-or ornaments) so very badly. At first we had the tree blocked off to where he couldn't get to it, but now the path is free and he really isn't getting to it as much as we thought he would. Knock on wood:)
She was totally into decorating the tree this year. Even if most of the lower branches had multiple ornaments on them...she did great and having so much fun.
And she really loved helping to put the star on:)
Cute kids:) We were trying to teach Kieran how to say "ho ho ho" when his hat was on, but he mostly says "po po po." Hee hee:) We also have put lights on the outside of our house, done a bit of holiday baking and I have been trying to finish up some handmade gifts. Seriously can't believe Christmas is in about 2 weeks! I wish for time to slow down!


Scrap Candy said...

What great lighting (from the tree, of course, but the placement of the tree near the natural light is awesome!)

I ADORE the pic of S lifting A to put the star!!! Isn't it such a wonderful time of year!! I'm so in love with it all!!!

Shel said...

What a pretty tree! We love going to Home Depot because of the car carts too! Heehee

These pics will look perfect in your December Daily album!