Friday, February 25, 2011

how to add a white border on photos+more

I have had a few people ask me how I get the white mat of my pictures (which I *might* be a tad obsessed with right now), so I am sharing a tutorial here:)

First I will talk about resizing your pictures and getting them on one sheet. If you have PSE or Photoshop, I am assuming you know how to do this. You can add all of your little prints onto 4x6 documents and get them printed, just make sure there is about a .25" space between the pictures so you can cut and have the border. I do this through photoshop, but I will explain next how to do it in a word document.

You may need to do a little planning ahead or have an design idea in mind when you are going to order prints for this particular way. Before I had photoshop, this is how I would print my pictures. I used Picasa (which is a free download and I simply can't say enough good things about it!) to edit my pictures. When cropping the pictures, you can use the preset sizes (keep in mind that a 2x3 has the same proportions as a 4x6) or to make your picture a square, set the crop size to a cd cover. After you have cropped your photos, export them to a folder and MAKE SURE you export them in the original size. 
Open up a word document and change the margins to .25 all around. This allows you to add more pictures on the page.  Go to insert, picture, from file and choose the picture you want. It will be gigantic when it places it on your document. Right click and choose format or picture and this will allow you to change the size. Make sure you have the keep proportions box checked and then just change either the width or height to your desired size. You can put as many pictures as will fit on your sheet, just make sure to leave enough room in between the pictures for the border. If you want to use smaller sized pictures and get them printed on 4x6, just make sure you change the paper size the same way you change the paper margins. I usually do 2 2x3 so I can still get the border.
Okay, hopefully that all made sense;) Once you have your sheet of pictures printed (at home or from a printer) this is what it looks like (remember the 4x6 is basically the same concept).

 I put the sheet in my trimmer and line up the end of the pictures with the inside of the trimmer, this allows for approximately 1/8" around.
 Flip the pictures and line it up and trim the other side.
 Rotate, line you see where this is going? :)
 Do this with all the pictures on the sheet and...
 Viola! You have teeny pictures with a white mat to scrap. Now, this all makes sense to me, BUT if any part of it is unclear, please ASK!!!


Candace Prado said...

I'm addicted to the white border and the polaroid one too! Now if I could just sit and scrap for a whole week it would be awesome! Hope u are having a blast in talahasee!!

Sherri said...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend Pam!

Jakki said...

SERIOUSLY? you can get a straight line with that cutter????? you really are my hero, my cutter practically locks the paper in place for me to get a straight (well its a straight line just might be a little bit off 90) line and its a roatery cutter at that, i have the other kind too but i only use it when im away from home which is like never lately ... guess i shouldt trust the printer to give me my 1/8" boarder and use a larger 1/4" one next time i print ... that's smart :)