Monday, February 28, 2011

weekend recap

We went to Tallahassee this past weekend to see my brother Phillip off. He is moving to Washington D.C. which will make it even more difficult for all of us siblings to get together so it was nice to see everyone before they left. I am so super excited for him though and cannot wait to visit!! We went to Bainbridge after Tallahassee so we could see Shaun's parents. It was a nice weekend and I (of course) didn't take as many pictures as I wanted to, but here are some:
 1. both kids fell asleep on the drive 2. Kieran in heaven in my Mom's backyard-there was a huge rock pile 3. the girls all went to Lake Ella and while Mom, Jessica, and Brynne went into a shop, Aislynn and I got some ice cream 4. the whole crew at Sonny's bbq 5. K and Daddy 6. A hoarding my Mom's iPhone...she loves playing games on it 7. me and Brynne 8. Phillip and Mom 9. Phillip and Josh 10. Andrew and Jessica 11. Sean and Brynne 12. Mom and James 13. our crew 14. Grandma and A 15. my siblings and my Mom 16. Mimi and Papa playing with Aislynn and Kieran 17. feeding animals at a park 18. Kieran was sooooo disinterested in the animals he was all about #19 19. the "choo choo"-K loved it 20. K handing rocks to Daddy
 I came home to this box of beautiful scrappy goodness!!! I participated in a swap at My Scrapbook Nook and my super sweet secret scrapper was so fast in sending me my goodies! Can't wait to crack into them!
And here is a layout I did last week for a sketch challenge on Crate Paper's blog.
I won last night's Oscar picks:) I had 12 picks right and Shaun had 8. Boo yah!!! Ha ha, just kiddin' hon;)
So now I get some scrappy goodies:)
Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Unknown said...

Oh I'm glad you did WIN. I'm not surprised I couldn't stay up long enough to watch the outcome!!

Your trip looks like it was terrific! Woo hoo. Congrats on your bro's new move! An awesome reason to visit DC! It is such a great city. So much to do and see and most everywhere is free (museums and sites!) I so want to go... I just worry that august will be soo hot...and we can't make the trip during spring break this year!

Get back to that scrap table...I'm lovin all your creativity!

Brynne said...

It was a blast seeing everyone in Tally but it went by way to quick. Nice scrapbook page