Monday, February 7, 2011

weekend edition

We had yucky grey, rainy weather this weekend and looks like it's continuing into this week. A and K both have sore throats and are congested and A is staying home from school today. We had a pretty low key weekend and here are the snapshots to prove it:)
 The weekly Saturday shot...does it seem like our house is always messy? Well, I promise we usually start out the week with it clean, then I usually give up towards the end of the week:)
 Kieran and his boat. That's what he calls the laundry basket when he climbs into it.
 We were all set to do this Valentine craft but A didn't want to just use pink and red...then she decided not to make it a heart either because she wanted falling leaves:)

 We had a "picnic party."
Complete with flower shaped cheese and crackers.
 We had to use words such as delectable, scrumptious, and delightful. And of course we had to hold our pinkies up while we drank our apple juice tea.

 Sunday's special breakfast was french toast with the fresh baked bread we made earlier in the week...yuuuuum.
 He entertained himself guessed it-trains and cars!

and there was chili cooking all day Sunday in to crock pot, making the house smell sooooo good.
I scrapped a bit while Shaun watched the Super Bowl, so I have 2 new layouts to share. Oh and thank you to all the sweet comments on my previous post...I am super excited about getting my foot in the door over at the Nook!


danni reid. said...

super cute pics of the kids, love the tea party ♥ and "cars" are a staple in my house of boys too ;) can't wait to see the layouts Pam, look forward to all of your creations! (((hugs)))

Unknown said...

Messy weekends are my favorites! (except when I get no clean time during the weekdays and have to clean on the weekends!). We have some Vday stuff planned for this weekend. I can't wait! You have me craving something spicy for dinner now...yum!

Jill Sarginson said...

Your weekend sounds fab - what awesome pics. Going to have to do the straw/paint thing ... :)