Thursday, February 24, 2011

wacky wednesday

just a few pictures before we head out of town this weekend...
 Someone got a haircut. The first time I took him, he was fine...this time he started crying as soon as I sat him in the chair, so I held him the whole time. Once he got a sucker...he was fine;)
 At Aislynn's school they had Wacky Wednesday where they dressed crazy:) Aislynn picked out the whole outfit herself:)
and today...this is the boy we carpool with, Matthew. These 2 have such a funny relationship. They remind me soooooooo much of brother and sister. They are either getting on each other's nerves big time or the best of friends:) Kieran adores Matthew too, he calls him "Ma-mew."
We are off to Tallahassee this weekend, but I have some posts scheduled, including how I print my pictures and add that white border:) Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!