Sunday, October 9, 2011


Today I am so glad to be off work for a day (gonna take awhile to get used to standing 8 hours straight!)...and that Shaun is off.

Today I was happy to be lazy this morning and snuggle with my stinkers on the couch and watch them make messes and play.

Today I made our week's worth of bread and the smell of it baking is delicious.

Today Shaun and I celebrate 7 years of marriage. It hasn't always been easy, and right now we are experiencing extremely hard financial times, but I am so very glad I am on this roller coaster of life with him.

Today (and everyday) I am grateful for the family member that are helping us get through these tough times.

Today I am thinking about what Ms. Kenner will tell me at our very first parent/teacher conference tomorrow morning.

Today I put finally put away the mountain of laundry that has slowly taken over our love seat this week.

Today I am trying not to think of what needs to get done this week and I am planning on a scrappy marathon for Tuesday to try and knock some of it out. I've got so many ideas for projects in my little time...and energy.

Today Aislynn asked Shaun what the history of America was and it was interesting to hear him explain it;)

Today I really want to put Halloween decorations up...but I feel like I have met my productivity limit today;)

Today Aislynn says she wants to be a bat for Halloween. Today. It has gone from a zombie, butterfly, heart, princess, pumpkin, and a pirate.

Today is the season finale of Breaking Bad and I can't wait! I have a feeling it will be a great episode and leave a cliffhanger for next season, which will be the final season (booooo!).

Today I started editing pictures from the last 2 weeks (which unfortunately isn't very many...gotta start picking up the camera again!) and this is my new favorite:

Love that look of delight!!!

What are you up to today?!


beckyjune said...

Oh, I love the smell of bread baking. I bet it smelled wonderful at your house today. I am sorry that you're having a bit of a rough time but thankfully you have a good family to help you through.

Candace Prado said...

Today? We, too, are in recovery mode. It is surely ragged the work week and the compiling laundry. Some how an intense but graceful medium will find it's place in the home.

Congrats on the anniversary -- hold true to this love; it, indeed, takes hard work and plenty of compromise to endure all of life's little surprises and earthquakes!

Now go slice some bread and kiss those sweeties!! MWAH!

em said...

Congrats on your anniversary! We just celebrated seven over the summer. It seems like everyone I know has been having "real" anniversary posts lately...and they are all hitting 7 years. It must be the magical (or UNmagical) year that we all realize that life is tough. ;) But so happy you have each other!

Love the photo! I'm super behind on my photos, too!! Hope you had a great day!

Jakki said...

hmmm today i let the pile of laundry get bigger ...

love the picture of K, his face looks just like A's .. they finally look related lol.

Luz Maria Bruna said...

Happy anniversary my friend!!! Today is holiday in Chile so we´re alone at home with dh,kids went to the beach for the weekend invited for classmates so we´ve been alone at home enjoying the weekend!

Shel said...

I'm exhausted reading about your life and mine is just as busy (if not busier with that one extra mouth to feed (not to mention the 2 cats, 2 guinea pigs and 2 fish)!

Sherri said...

Happy belated anniversary. Hope Tuesday went well for you and you made a dent in your projects. Today, I was grateful for each of my girls as I watched them jump out of the van and make their way into their school. Today, I met with a wonderful woman who's heart is huge and full of compassion for those struggling with mental illness. Today I hope to complete a mini I began last week so my kids can start looking through it. Today and am wishing you well my friend.