Monday, November 28, 2011

thanksgiving 2011

Did everyone have a great Thanksgiving? We headed to Jacksonville to spend time with family on Wednesday and drive back Saturday. As always, it was too short, but I am thankful we were able to do it. Miss being around these guys and the times when we can all be together at the same time just doesn't happen enough. Oh, and the food...was amazing:)

I never take many photos on Thanksgiving, but we managed a group photo:
Yes, there are a couple of grumpy kids in there;) They don't seem to ever want to cooperate with getting pictures taken;)
This is the crew though...all of my siblings' significant others have been around awhile and are definitely fixtures in our family. They just need to be made permanent:) *hint hint, boys*

My Mom and the kids:
I feel so lucky that my kids have such amazing relatives that ADORE them. It makes me happy to see my brothers and sister be such wonderful Uncles and Aunt to them:)
Uncle Phillip was scoring major points with the kids letting them play with his i-pad:
That's about the extent of the pictures I took!
On Friday, we went to see the Muppets and it was sooooo cute! The grown ups enjoyed it more than the kids, I think, but I would recommend it to anyone, with or without kids;)
If you are familiar with Flight of the Conchords, Brett wrote a lot of the songs that were in the movie, so you can imagine they were pretty clever and hilarious;)

When we were driving home, many of the beach communities had turned on their Christmas lights and now that we have some coldish weather-I am ready for Christmas!Bring it on, December!!!


Candace Prado said...

Your family is beautiful. Doesn't the time together go so fast? I'm sad it was such an eye blink!!

Shel said...

Good times! Isn't it wonderful that your kids get to know their aunts and uncles? I feel blessed.