Thursday, April 5, 2012

march 2012

I haven't shared photos in a looooong long time, so I put together a little recap of what we did in March(after seeing a similar post by my friend, Deanna)...
from left to right, top to bottom: 
1. K before a badly needed haircut 
2. A with her rock collection that Grandma and James got her when they went to MOSH (when we were in Savannah) 
3. a gallery A made with pictures she and Kieran drew...we are calling this Kieran's circle phase;) 
4. this is what happens at the end of every week...a huge laundry mountain 
5. soccer, which I am pretty sure A just wants to do to hand with some buddies from is waaaay too funny to watch them in a game;)
 6. our garden is growing, little by little:) 
7. I let the kids stay up later one night to have a movie night, but they just couldn't quite make it through the whole movie:) 
8. K with one of his bankwees (blanky) and bunny, his own loveys;) 
9. A with her loveys, baba and baby sister...she has had them since she was about 9 months old and I love that she still likes them so much:) 
10 and 11. beach time!! 
12. K with baaaaad allergies...he had this funky rash for about 4-5 days 
13. A with her nose in a book...I don't even know how many chapter books she read this month, but a lot. She told me she likes to read so much because she likes imagining what the characters and places look like:) We read Little House in the Big Woods together, a chapter a, I loved those books when I was a kid. It is so neat reading them with my own daughter;) 
14. our garden is growing some more, these are bell peppers 
15. Saturday morning donuts...what is it about sprinkles? A told me she are so good because they make food fancy. 
16. berry was fun...even if it was Shaun and I picking, K eating strawberries, and A bossing us around telling us which ones to get...we ended up with 14 lbs! 
17. pool is still cold to me, but she wants to swim so badly she swears the water isn't cold 
18. K and his trains...this is seriously what he does all day. He loves Thomas so so much:) 
19. this Easter craft...the kids loved it:)

So there it is! We are looking forward to the weekend with the Easter fun plus Shaun's birthday (which the kids are excited about because that means cake!).  My Mom and James are coming this weekend to spend it with us, so that will be fun also:)

p.s. If you click the collage, it makes it bigger;)

p.p.s. 13 years ago today, Shaun and I went on our very first date:)


Deanna said...

Great pics Pam! And I need to learn out to make collages. lol! love your little garden, and it kinda makes me feel better that it's still too cold to swim in FL. ;)

teacher jessy said...

Lovely pics as always Pam!! You are such an awesome mum to click and keep those memories!