Sunday, April 8, 2012

weekend recap

We had such a great weekend! We had Shaun's birthday on Saturday and Easter festivities this morning with the beach in the afternoon.

We started out Friday with dying eggs...
Saturday morning, my Mom and James (my step-dad), took the kiddos off to an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party while I got some things ready for Shaun's birthday.
Aislynn and I made little note cards with reasons why we loved Shaun/Daddy and I attached them to balloons (34).  I saw this on pinterest and it sparked this idea;)
Shaun requested a red velvet cake for his birthday and Aislynn insisted we put 34 candles on his cake;)
By the end of the day, about half of the balloons weren't really floating very high (although when we cut the cards off, they went back up), so we decided to release them (latex balloons are biodegradable!).
Aislynn thought this was very cool;)
 When they were pretty high in the air, Kieran told us the balloons were dancing:)
We snapped a few pictures and got a typical family photo:
With Grandma and James:)

Shaun and I went out on a date and everyone was tucked in tight by the time we got home. We woke up to some excited kids telling us it was Easter;) They checked out what goodies the Easter Bunny left them (I am sad to say Aislynn told us she didn't believe in him anymore...she said she knew it was us, that she had a hunch, ha! But we are still pretending for K). After finding the eggs the Easter Bunny had hidden (although one is missing-thank goodness it was a plastic egg!), the kids had breakfast:
candy, anyone?

We headed to the beach in the afternoon and it was a beautiful day-the water color was just gorgeous:
Here is A flying her kite..I had to back waaaaay up to get the kite and her in the frame;)
She has named this kite Buttercup the Unicorn;)
oh the have Grandma fill your buckets with water constantly and Mommy bring you juice boxes and crackers while you lounge in your chair on the beach;)
She was happy to swim in the water...I actually went in today. It was pretty cold to me still, but the water was so pretty that I couldn't resist:)
Grandma built him a little pond for his boat (which he has been asking for awhile now-the Easter Bunny came through today).

Then Grandma built him a pretty cool sand castle:
I just adore weekends like this:)

I hope everyone had a beautiful Easter weekend as well:)


beckyjune said...

What a wonderful time! I love the pics of your daughter with the balloons- those will be so cute on a layout! And, to live so close to that gorgeous beach must be so much fun!

Sherri said...

Love all those gorgeous photos such great light. I miss the sun. My Fave photo is the one of Sean blowing out his candles, there's such determination in his face, lol

em said...

I love all the color in this post! :)