Sunday, April 1, 2012

it's a fact

that when Shaun and I get our pictures taken together...they inevitably end up goofy:) When we were in Savannah, my sister took some pictures of us and when I saw them on my camera...I knew I had to scrap this:) I made this page for the Ormolu blog a couple of weeks ago:
A detail shot:
I am a bit obsessed with the Fact or Fiction line, it is so versatile! I finally got to break in to my Jillibean Soup Sweet and Sour line also;)
We are back to the routine tomorrow morning. We had a laid back Spring Break, and the week of not having to run around everywhere has me longing for summer days:)

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!!


Unknown said...

Ha! Ours would end up this way too? I think we suffer from men who make up laugh and it's a good, good thing :) Great mix of pp! You are so good at using bold!

Annette Allen said...

what a fun layout...great pictures..

Sherri said...

Those photos actually make me laugh out loud :) It's nice when two goofs find each other, lol.