Sunday, May 27, 2012

hello summer

We are so glad you are here:) We ended kindergarten on Thursday. The end of the year just flew by...I don't know if it's that we were busier or what, but spring break to the last day seemed to go in the blink of an eye. 
Here is Miss A on the first day of kindergarten:
and here is a shot I got on the last day:
She looks a million yeas older to me:( She acts so much more grown up too. She really developed her personality this year and learned a lot. We are so proud of her. She received all A's and E's on her report card and at the end of the year, she tested at a 3rd-4th grade reading level. 
She was feeling a bit sad about leaving kindergarten and has requested that she have the same class next year, ha! After a couple of pool days, she has now claimed she is glad it's summer;)

Last Tuesday we visited her class for a good bye to kindergarten party, where I snapped a picture of the whole class:
Here is one of her friend, Matthew (they were in the same pre-k class and he was the only kid we knew going to her elementary school-so glad they ended up in the same class!!):
One of her and her teacher:
Aislynn is going to miss Ms. Kenner so much, she simply adored her.

After school ended on Thursday, we met some kids at an ice cream shop:
We then headed to a grassy amphitheater so the kids could burn off the sugar and the sprinklers happened to come on...perfect:
The next day we had a little pool party to kick off summer:
After all of the kids left, a certain almost 3 year old (!) took a nap and Aislynn and I hit the pool again, after a snack:
After a certain someone got up, Shaun grilled burgers and we swam pretty much the rest of the night, ending with more popsicles;)
And with that, hello summer!!! We are ready to soak up as much sunshine as we possibly can:)


em said...

So I have to say...most of the "before/after" pictures I've been seeing of kids lately don't look that different to me. But she really does look so much older!!! Hope you have a great summer! :)