Friday, June 15, 2012


Do your kids have any collections? Aislynn likes to collect rocks and seashells, but she also has a collection of miscellaneous teeny, most random things, that she calls her treasures. For awhile, no one was allowed to look at them, but then she said only girls could, so I got a peek in the little red box that she hid so no boys could see;) Now she isn't quite so secretive about her treasures, probably because her collection is overflowing and she now needs a bigger treasure box;)
I used the Amy Tangerine Sketchbook line for is such a versatile collection (and I'm in love with the colors!).

Some close-ups:
Look! I used ribbon!!

Speaking of treasures, I captured these photos of Shaun and the kids, maybe a month ago? One of my assignments for the American Crafts blog this month was to create  a "Father" themed page, so I made this page with these photos that I treasure:
Love these silly photos...I love watching Shaun and the kids being silly with each other (which happens quite often!).
And yes...Amy Tangerine Sketchbook at work again...

One more share using Sketchbook...a card for Shaun for Father's Day:
You can find Amy Tangerine Sketchbook products HERE:)


Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


em said...

I totally laughed out loud when you said, "look! I used ribbon!" I am so not a ribbon user, either! ;) Great projects!!!

Candace Prado said...

It is certainly time for me to play catch up. I am so happy to be back here i enveloped in your rainbow do awesomeness! Thank you for always bringing such inspiration and joy to my brain!

Love you, girlie!

Sarah Webb said...

I adore the design on the Daddy Moment page!

Sherri said...

You work so well with AC, I think they should just keep you forever my girl.