Wednesday, March 6, 2013

project life week 2

Good morning! I have had this page spread created for awhile, but I wanted to share it here. I am going to try and post my project life pages every Wednesday. Sooooo, here is week 2:

This week consisted of Miss A going back to school after Christmas break, her starting to re-read Harry Potter for the second time, a hike on a new trail, my 31st birthday, K being a silly boy, and another hike where Shaun and the kids had "staffs" (sticks) and were pretending to be wizards:)

A lot of my photos that I use for Project Life are taken with my phone and edited in Instagram. Sometimes they don't look the best when printed out, buuuuut I am not stressing about it. I just like that I am getting these bits of our lives down;)

Some close ups:

It also seems that every week, I learn something new...for example...I am not crazy about how small of printed journaling is here, so I think I will stick to just using my typewriter. I guess I had a lot to say this week;)

Supplies used:


Jakki said...

so very cool :)
I;m currently working on week 8 ... it's sitting on the love seat in my craft space and starting back up at me.

Patricia Roebuck said...

Um, wow!!! I didn't know you were doing PL and this is gorgeous!!! Your pages are so fun to look at, every little detail and story!

Ok, I am jealous you got the link thing to work. I tried to figure it out but didn't get very far! :P

And BTW was thinking about you and wondering how you were doing.