Wednesday, March 27, 2013

project life week 5

Good morning! I am here today with my week 5 of Project Life:
This week was a kinda stressful week...and it seems oh so long ago now;) In the beginning of the year, we discussed and knew we needed to be doing something different financially. We were making ends meet and that is so not what we wanted or needed to be doing. So I was job hunting...for a better opportunity and I went on a couple interviews in Jacksonville, where my Mom and Step-Dad and my brother live. That would have meant moving, which would have been huge for us, but the job market here is slim pickings since the economy here is so tourist driven. Anyways...long story short...neither of the opportunities worked out and Shaun ended up finding better for himself here and we are slowly slowly on the path to a healthier financial future after a crippling change in Shaun's previous job almost 2 years ago.

So. That's that;) 
Other major happenings this week was that we had our first ever garage sale and it was a success! We advertised that it would start at 8 and we literally had people showing up at 6:45 a.m.! I learned that I am not good with people haggling...if they made me an offer, I just said okay, sure!  Afterwards, we took the kids to the store and picked out ice cream and all the fixings for sundaes as a reward for them being so good during the sale;)

In the top right 4x6 pocket, I trimmed down this drawing Aislynn did to fit in the pocket. That girl loves Harry Potter;)

Some close ups:
It is hard to take photos without the glare on the page protectors...any tips for me?
And that's that;) Have a great day!!

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em said...

Looking great!! :)

Jakki said...

so very cool ... I need to get some PL stamps, they look so cool.