Wednesday, March 20, 2013

project life week 4

Sharing week 4 today...
Posting on Wednesday's is keeping me accountable;) I am plugging away at getting caught up, but not too stressed about it;) Next week is spring break and the kid's will be at my Mom's for half the week, so I can play catch up then:)

The big thing this week was Kieran becoming potty trained, woo hoo!!! After trying a couple times and it not working took HIM deciding he wanted to wear underwear and that was that. So glad to be done with diapers and pull-ups!!
Other happenings this Mom and Step-Dad took the kids to the local zoo before heading home, Aislynn's 100th day at school, we had some cold cold weather after an unusually warm previous week, and I worked on Thursday-which is a different schedule for me but it meant I got to enjoy the Thursday lunch special-tomato soup and a grilled cheese;) It's the little things:)

Some detail shots:

I wanted to share A's questionnaire she did on the 100th day of cracks me up:)
I am not sure how to incorporate her school pages into my PL album. I thought about getting one of the big envelope protectors to put stuff in. How do you incorporate your child's school work? I would love some ideas/tips!!!

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paperpapier said... cute of her. For me, I would scan my son's drawing and resize it accordingly to suit my layout before printing.

Jakki said...

l0ve the page ... so lucky with K and him wearing chonies (wish l wanted to do this). its simple and very nice

Patricia Roebuck said...

Love you PL pages, Pam!! And lots of good things. No more diapers or pull ups! Yay!!

I did a big envelope and put in back of PL album. This year is so different. Emma has tons more art pages and work from school. That and PL won't fit in one binder. I think I may do a separate album with the envelopes. Not sure but thinking of that. Do need to weed through some of it though.