Wednesday, April 9, 2008

2 Days in a row-Woo hoo!

I was so good in the beginning of blogging about posting everyday, but then I slacked...But today makes 2 days in a row, I am happy! Here are my 2 layouts using the April Freckle Friends kit that were on the other computer: My Starbucks drink is a triple short breve 1 splenda latte. I know. It is obnoxiuos(okay, how in the world do you spell that?), but it's really not that difficult to make and it is very delicious. It is sad, Aislynn knows this drink, she can say it all except for the triple part(the most important part!)...I think we go to Starbucks too much. This layout below I made using some of the really cute Daisy D's paper that my pal Sarah in the Hard Core Critique Group sent me in our last little swap-Yay! Here is the journaling for this page: Everytime Daddy sits on the stairs to put his shoes on, you run to get behind him and exclaim "Putch your back!" We aren't sure what this means-push? punch? pinch? Whatever you mean, Dad takes this time to get some extra kisses and cuddles from you! I love watching the you two interact like this-so cute! 02/08

And this is my last layout from the April Freckle Friends kit, I think have hardly anything left, lol, but the kit was super fun, I can't believe I got 6 layouts and 2 cards out of it.
I took the following 2 pictures this morning-look at that crazy hair! Thank goodness for detangler!!We got this pool maybe a month ago?? but we tried it out today and it was a big hit! While I was blowing it up, Aislynn kept trying to take her clothes off and get in it, it was cute:)

That slide in the background I couldn't figure out how to attach and when I put water in the pool it started to float, so I will have to look at it closer, Aislynn kept wanting the slide on, poor girl.
She was afraid of the giraffe at first, but she warmed up to him pretty quickly, giving him eskimo kisses and hugs:)

This is a self-portrait I did while Aislynn was playing in the pool, I had to turn it black and white b/c no make-up! I really need to figure out the tripod, I set the camera on a lawn chair!

We went to Wal-mart today, we had a gift-card and we forgot to use it-that is the 2nd time we have done that with that gift card! Oh well, I am sure we will be going back. We got some sand toys and sunscreen, so we may hit the beach sometime within the next couple days-something Aislynn is super excited about!!! Me too, b/c then I can take more pictures:)
Okay, have a fabulous evening, I am off to shave and paint my toe nails in case we do got to the beach tomorrow;)