Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Catch Up Post

So this is a catch up post, it's going to be pretty big, not much info, but lots of pictures. I am doing a challenge on Freckle Friends where you take a picture a day in April, and this is one of them-just love those cute feet!! I took this one the same day as the feet-love that smile!Yesterday was Shaun's 30th birthday and Aislynn and I made him a Coca-Cola cake-Aislynn was so cute helping me. When I was getting all of the ingredients out, I was telling her how much I needed of everything, and then when we were putting the eggs in, I asked her how many and she remembered! I was impressed. Her favorite part was licking the spoon:)So I could not resist the apron and chef hat...whenever her hands got anything on them she said "Clean me, Mommy." I would tell her to wipe her hands on her apron, but she would wipe them on my apron;)Cute! I love this picture! This is her new game outside-she collects the rocks and puts them in this cup, then she dumps them out and starts all over.We went to AJ's for Shaun's birthday and after dinner we tok a short walk on the Harbor and I snapped this picture!
Aislynn was totally into the birthday thing-she loved the hat and this morning when she came downstairs, that was the first thing she asked about!
A birthday kiss!
Aislynn was so cute-she helped Daddy blow out the candles.
This was in our garage yesterday-EEK! A couple nights ago, I was taking out the trash and this sucker was on it's web, making it's home in the garage. It hid when I shut the trash can so I told Shaun I saw a black widow-we sprayed a TON of bug spray in there and last night Shaun saw him (or her?) dead on the floor-yay, I am relieved to know it's dead. So the only critters we have seen in our garage have been a black widow spider and a scorpian-just great. Here are some pages and a card I have made with the fabulous April Freckle Friends kit-I am totally loving the colors in the kit.
I have 2 other pages that are on the other computer, so I will pst those when I get a chance.
April is flying by us...not this weekend, but the next, Shaun's friend is coming from England with his girlfriend and then the next weekend we are gong up to Guntersville, AL to visit my Dad. It's going to be May before we know it! Okay, that's all for now! Hope everyone is doing well!


susan said...

Your daughter is just darling!

I love all the layouts you did with the April collection. You're so talented!

Jeanette said...

Great photos! Your dd is such a cutie! Great layouts too!