Monday, April 28, 2008

We're back!!!!!

So I told you this was gonna be a monster post-TONS of pictures! We had a good time visiting with family, but are glad to be home. Aislynn was such an angel in the car ride home today, she did get to eat at Cracker Barrel (her FAVE!) twice today, and she took a nap AND got a vanilla milk from Starbucks, so maybe that had something to do with it:) Here are some of the pictures...
These were at a park (or parking lot as she calls it...?) close to my Dad's-she was loving the park-everyone there to cheer her on going down the slide!
We were playing hide and seek around this tree, she would run around and around the tree, chasing me, then I would run the other way and surprise her-this resulted in the BIGGEST giggles ever:)
Here is my sister and I doing goofy dances. My Dad's boat had this platform on it, so we decided to be dorks and dance on it-pretty cool moves, huh?
Here is a better picture;)
Love these pics-we had to trick Aislynn into taking a family picture-she was standing on the ground and we would count to three then lift her up in the air-it was so funny, the girl would not stop laughing!
This one melts my heart:)
I adore this one-definetly one to hang on the wall!!!
Here's my handsome man!

Here are my feet:) This picture just says relaxed to me...
This was a bat cave, supposedly when it just starts getting dark, all the bats fly out; we swung by later before it got dark and no luck:(
I know this one isn't technically good or anything, but I just love it:)
And this one....I love that face!!!!!

Here is my Dad!
Here is my sister and her boyfriend-aren't they cute???!
Hee hee-she is so stinkin' cute in pigtails:)
Just a shot of the lake, it was kinda overcast that day...
Me and Shaun-ignore my hair-it was SO windy!
My Aunt Dell and Aislynn-they took a walk and picked some flowers for me:)
Aislynn trying to blow a dandelion!
Me and my sweetie pie!!!
Grandpa let her drive the boat;) She looks pretty comfortable, huh?
I love love love this one:)
When we were driving to my Dad's, I noticed a scrapbook store, so naturally we HAD to go:) It was actually this cute little house and all the rooms had different stuff in it-jewelry, paintings, and the scrapbook store-it was cute:) When we got home tonight, my Freckle Friends kit was waiting patiently for me:) I cannot wait to play with it!! I will post some sneak peeks check back!!! You will love this kit!!!


Scrap Candy said...

Oh! What glorious pics! Looks like some AWESOME shots to use with all that wonderful scrappy stuff that just arrived in the mail!! YAY! Hurry, hurry I can't wait to see!

Jakki said...

so many photos to play with now. YAY!

Anonymous said...

Love all your new pics! looks like you had a blast!
You and your sis are super fab dancers!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah that was from Brigid!!! LOL!