Friday, April 11, 2008

Cute girl alert!!!

Another lengthy post, but not from my babble, just lots of pictures! I'm sure you won't mind! I took this one yesterday, I promise I will stop posting the inflatable pool pictures, but I couldn't resist this one:) Could you??

We took Aislynn to the beach today and she had a blast!! She loved building "castles" and there was this litte trench (?) where some water from the waves had stayed and she loved splashing around in that! The water is still too cold to swim in, and it was a red flag, she does this thing where she runs to the edge and then runs back to us, b/c the eaves are going to get her. She ran too far and a wave knocked her over, but she was so cool about it. She is totally going to love the beach this summer, more so than last summer! I am such a wimp about swimming in the ocean though... I love how seriuos she is in this one!

Great shot honey! This is my favorite beach picture today and Shaun took it-love the angle on it!
Well, I found a new trick to take pictures of Aislynn-put her somewhere she can't get down from...oh, and bribe her with ice cream:) I put her on this ledge at this new shopping center by us-don't worry it wasn't very high, but she needed my help getting down. I asked her a bunch of silly questions and this was the result... They have these tan tarps up where the new stores are gonna go, they make a cool backdrop, huh?Here is a page I did last night, about Aislynn's fascination with sand!
Last night we converted Aislynn's crib into a toddler bed-you just take one of the long sides off the crib. She did really good-she rolled off the bed at some point and was crying, I think it just startled her, when I tucked her back in she said "Mommy, I had fun getting ice cream." (We got ice cream last night) It was so cute! This morning she didn't even get down, she stayed in her bed until I came in there! She is a big girl now! Well, that's about it for today...happy weekend everyone!


Darlene said...

what beautiful photos! Oh and I love that LO!

I wish our beach water was that pretty over here on the other side of the state.....

Shelstan said...

OK...I'm a total dork, but I can't figure out how to get my text to be on top of my pics in the blog posts. What do I do to change that setting?