Monday, June 23, 2008

Cute Alert!

Hello! Nothing much going on here, just a typical Monday. I was taking pictures of my latest scrappy things and the light was so good, I *tried* to make Aislynn model for me, I caught a few good ones, here they are:I know this one is a little blurry (her fingers) and there is a shadow, but I had to post it b/c she looks so stinkin' cute:)

Here is a card I made with some scraps. I figure if I can make a card everytime I scrap, I will make a teeny dent in my scrap drawer. And maybe I will have enough Christmas cards to send out by the time December rolls around;)
Here is a page I made about our FAVORITE ice cream place, I silly. But we go here so much AND I realy wanted to use that cute paper:)
Here is just a fun page-we took this picture right before we went into the airport for our Las Vegas trip.
The July sneak peek for Freckle Friends is up, you can see it here, I cannot wait to play with this kit-it looks so fun and summery!!! I see some KI Memories and Fancy Pants-woo hoo!!

Here are a few cute things Aislynn has said or done lately:

Today at dinner, while drinking her milk, she informed us that "Milk is healthy." We agreed and she told us "like vegetables, vegetables are healthy." Ha ha, if only she would eat vegetables!

Yesterday I took her to get some new shoes-the girl definetly got Daddy's feet-she is in a 9 now. They had a purse with the Disney Princesses on it, so she got that which she was SO proud to show Shaun when we got home. We also went to Michaels and I let her pick out a coloring book, she INSISTED on the Star Wars one, lol. She is such a girly girl and a tomboy, love that about her!!

We have been doing pretty good on the whole potty training thing. She gets a skittle if she goes, so that is big motivation for her. I tried this maybe 4 months ago and she wasn't into it, but now she is. She does good in the morning and the end of the day, but during the middle she is too busy, lol. Today we were out and about and she told us she had to go, so I took her to the bathroom, she tried to go but couldn't. I was so proud of her-it seems like she is getting it!!

Her favorite thing right now is to play hide and seek, and she can get herself onto our bed and jumps on it (think I am going to wait on the big kid bed for her!).

Well, I was going to post this yummy salad we have been making, but this post is so gigantic that I will save it for when I don't have that much to say:)


Shel said...

Have I commented on the windowsill pic? I adore it!