Sunday, June 1, 2008

It's June!

Wow, where has this year gone? It has flown by. I know I was really bad at posting this week. I hardly took any pictures, but I do have a lot of crafty things to share with you! Here are the pictures first...This is her new haircut-the one a professional did, lol. She had a lot of fun getting her haircut-when we were leaving she said in the CUTEST voice, "Mommy, I had fun getting my haircut." After that we walked over to the Cat Clinic next door and she went crazy over the cats they had, she even told me she doesn't like dogs anymore. This seems to be the only we can get a nap in-she just conks out in the car. How could I resist a picture of that sweet face?
This day we had gone to the mall in the next town over and Aislynn got to ride on the carousel-she had so much fun!!!!!! We also went to the book store to pick up some skinny light books that will travel with us to Chicago! She couldn't wait to look at them when we got home!!!!!! Some Curious George, Little Critter (this is her new favorite) and Thomas.
Here are my latest pages:
This one is about my current weight struggle. Seems like I keep going 1 space forward, 3 spaces back, so once we get back from Chicago I have got to get my act together!!!

Here is just a quick Thank You card. I am really getting into the whole card that I use up my scraps and it kind of gets my creative juices flowing!

I really love how this page came out. This is one of the new Scenic Route lines, that I am totally in love with-love the colors!!!!!!!
Here is a page I did with some of the lyrics from My Wish by Rascal Flatts, love that song and I thought of it right away when I saw this picture of Aislynn! I have never scrapped this picture before, and it's so cute...and I really wanted to use these Crate Papers-love them!
I really love how this one came out, one of my favorites I think.
Another Thank You can see I have been enjoying my sewing machine!
That's all for now, my sister and her boyfriend are coming in town tonight and tomorrow we are going to look for a place them to live. Brynne got promoted and they will be moving closer to us (WOO HOO!!!!), and then Tuesday I probably won't post b/c we will be packing and running errands. So we get back the 10th (a week from Tuesday), so look for a GIGANTIC post on Wednesday with lots of pictures from our trip!


Scrap Candy said...

love that picture of A in the floor reading her books!! I wanna see that scrapped soon! Question: My kitchen floor is very similar to that do you keep so clean without pulling your hair out?!