Friday, June 20, 2008

Sprinkler fun

Here is the latest page I made, love this picture of Aislynn. It was made for a challenge on Freckle Friends, to use an advertisement as your inspiration, and here is the ad I used.
This is what we have been doing the past couple day. We got this sprinkler thing from Target and it's a HUGE hit-1. because it is Finding Nemo themed and 2. b/c this girl LOVES splashing around in the water!!! I took all these pictures with action mode:)

What fun! This is much better than the inflatable pool b/c I don't have to fill it up and drain it:)

Brynne (my sister) and her boyfriend are moving over our way (about 35 minutes away) this weekend, so we will be helping them tomorrow I think. We are all super excited about this (Brynne-Aislynn wante to wake you up this morning-she thought you had stayed the night since you were here when she went to bed!)

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend-the first official weekend of summer!!


Shelstan said...

A looks so big in these pics! Make it stop! Can't you keep her small forever? LOL

Mollie said...

Hii! I dunno if you remember me, but I'm on the DT over at I was just looking back through the gallery over there and came across some of your LO's and I remembered how much I adored your LO's and all the cute pictures of your daughter! :) I had to come visit your blog to check out some more! Glad to hear you're doing good! :) Keep scrappin! :)