Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rainy and HOT!!!!

Nothing much going on over here. Just getting back in a routine since we've gotten back from vacation. It is just typical FL summer weather-HOT, HUMID, and a little rainy-not for the whole day, just comes and goes. Here are some pictures from a couple days ago-Aislynn was SO excited to wear her new raincoat, but once it started comng down really hard, I made her come in, which did not go over well!
I took these 2 today, Aislynn kept hugging this tree, saying "I love you tree!" What a goof!
Here she is "taking a picture."
That't about all that's going on, I hope to get some crafty stuff done tonight and will try to post it tomorrow!!!


Scrap Candy said...

I love A's little summer dress! How light and cute! I need to pick up some like that for Aly b4 she gets too big to wear them! Oh time!

rcprncss said...

Pam, I can't believe how beautiful her hair color is? Look at those highlights? She is such a doll. Love the new pictures.