Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We're back!!!

We got back in town this afternoon, and are glad to be home, but we had a blast!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much Linda and Jim for letting us crash at your place-we appreciate it so much! When we turned into our neighborhood, Aislynn protested and wanted to go to "Aunt Linda's house."
Our flight going there was delayed 30 minutes, and when we were boarded, it got delayed another 50 minutes, grrr...But she was pretty good on the flight. Aislynn warmed up pretty fast to everyone when we first got there, and she dug right in to the toys and playing Rock Band on PS2 with the boys, lol.
On Thursday we went to Shedd's Aquarium, which Aislynn of course loved.
Aislynn was not all that into the dolphin show, but she did like when they were jumping. She really liked the beluga whales, the lighting is so dark, it was hard to get pictures that are not just a big blur.
Here is Nemo:) When you first walk in to the lobby, there is a big round tank and there was a scuba diver cleaning the tank, and she could have just stayed and watched that guy all day, lol. She also kept insisting on seeing the sharks, or "Brucie," the shark from Finding Nemo.
This was right outside of the Aquarium-love the skyline!!!! And I swear that the color of Lake Michigan looks like the Gulf! Just missing the white sand!!!!! In this spot, the ramp to take wheelchairs and stollers was right here, so when Shaun took her up in the stroller-this bird attacked his head!!!! When we were taking these pictures, the bird came back (this is AFTER the Aquarium) and did it again, isn't that weird?

Aislynn loved playing Rock Band on PS2 with the boys, it was really cute! Even Shaun sang some songs!!! Aislynn liked the drums the best!

On Friday we just kinda hung out. Us girls went and tried on dresses for my Mom's wedding and Aislynn kept saying "I want my princess dress." All dresses are princess dresses now:) We took Aislynn to this little splash park they had and she had such a blast!!!!!!!! I cannot believe there aren't any of these around us in FL-kids love it! All the kids left when they closed without throwing a fit-except for Aislynn, sigh.

Friday night I got to meet 2 of my online girls from the Hard Core Critique Group on scrapbook.com. It was super fun, I loved meeting them!!!!!! We had dinner and went shopping at this super cool scrapbook store-thanks girls-it was fun!!!

Shel and me.

Candi and me.

Saturday we went to eat pizza with other relatives and then went to my Grandparent's house. Kacie is in the middle, and Aislynn was immediately drawn to her! She kept saying "She's my sister." Kacie was so sweet with her-thank you!!!!!!!!!! Aislynn misses you! When she was looking at these pictures she said "There's my sister!"

Aislynn giving her "sister" a kiss!

Here are the cousins, well my cousins-Aislynn's 2nd cousin.

Relaxing on the swing!!!!!!!!! We got those binoculars from the Aquarium and Aislynn thinks that they are a camera, she says "Say Cheese," and then she looks at them and says "that is a really nice picture."

Here are the girls-Aislynn wouldn't get in the picture and all the ones I do have-she looks like a big blur. This is my Grandma, me, and my Aunt.

I love this picture!! Sean is my cousin and he was so cute with Aislynn-she just adored him!!!

This is my Grandma and Grandpa with my cousin and Aislynn and me.

Here are the 2 Sean/Shaun's-being goofy...

then serious.

Sunday we took Aislynn to Navy Pier and to the Children's Museum. It was so scary when we were driving downtown b/c the weather was SOOOOO nasty. You could barely see the big buildings-that's how hard is was raining. Aislynn could have stayed in the first little room all day. It had a little ice cream shop, Pizza place, music stage, and other restaurants. She loves playing in her kitchen and with her fake food at home, so she really enjoyed this part!

Future singer maybe???

Here she is with an ice cream cone, she liked making them for Shaun and I, and she would pretend to eat them, lol.

This phone was to teach kids how to dial 911, but that is a little advanced for her-she was just enjoying talking on the phone:)

This exhibit was really cool-all about the water system in Chicago. She loved getting all wet!

This part was cool too, you stood in front of this shade and butterflies would land on your shadow-she was cracking up every time a butterfly landed on our heads:)

She was kinda scared of crawling through this tunnel, so I did and she had tons of fun looking for me in the holes!

We are looking for dinosaur bones here:)

This is outside at Navy Pier-it finally stopped raining so we got to do some of the outside things!! The carousel was closed, but we distracted Aislynn with other rides.

She loves Thomas, so she loved the train ride! She wanted to go on it again and again!

She loved the lighthouse ride too. We were pretty high, but she wasn't really scared, she just kept waving to Shaun!

Monday we took her to the Brookfield Zoo and she loved that-and they had a carousel there, she she rode the panda! I think she liked that better than the animals, but she enjoyed them too.

Every time we passed Shaun she would wave to him!

She was scared of the Sea Lions at first- she thought they could get her though the glass, then she was laughing every time one would swim by.

This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip.

Here are Aislynn and Shaun looking at the tiger. This was her spot to see the animals:)

Silly girl! She kept poking and tickling Shaun!

A baby Kangaroo!

They had a seasonal butterfly exhibit and Aislynn loved it! I loved it too b/c I played with the macro setting on the camera!

So that was our trip! We had fun! Aislynn is going to be bored without everyone around or us going somewhere. I had some fun things waiting for me when we got home. My Scenic Route contest prize-LOVE the Liberty line!!! Thanks for the paper Kathy-that was really sweet of you! Hope everyone is doing well, I figure after a couple days I will be back to scrapping-I can't wait to play with all my goodies I got!!!


Scrap Candy said...

Super pics, Pam! I am so sorry that the weather treated you so poorly :( while you were here. I am so excited to see more Chicago pics all over your LOs! yay!

I know that Shel and I miss you already, and we look forward to sitting down to scrap REALLY soon with you!

rcprncss said...

Pam, I enjoyed your pictures and reading about your trip. A is just adorable! Can't wait to see your "Chicago" pages!

Shelstan said...

So glad you got to head to the children's museum. Isn't it fun? The zoo is great too! Glad you went! Great pics too! Can't wait to see the Chicago Album you make...Now get started! LOL

laura said...

wow - it looks like you packed A LOT into one trip! how fun! :)

that kangaroo picture is priceless!